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Being Positive

I am working hard at doing something a little different lately.

It’s something small, but it’s a way of thinking. I normally am a positive person, but sometimes I let negativity creep into aspects of my life, and once I get there, it’s hard to get out of that thought process. I’m working on remembering the little things, cherishing the smiles, laughter and the many blessings I do have and not focusing on the small mistakes that I make or that frustrate me.

Instead of having a run that I feel is slow and focusing on that, I need to focus on the fact that  I did run, and that I can run.

Instead of being overwhelmed by work, I need to focus on that fact that I have a job.

Instead of being jealous of all the girls who have better bodies than me, I need to be happy that I am healthy and can work out and to be comfortable in my own skin.

Be happy. Enjoy life. Smile and be nice.

As they say, kill them with kindness. :)

Rain today means no bike ride to work today, tomorrow morning is a short run, a bike ride and Sunday it’s back in the pool.


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