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Winner + WEEKEND!


First off, some of the sayings and all your motivational thoughts on the Ruffles with Love Giveaway were HILARIOUS. Some were so funny, I was dying laughing. The lucky winner is Courtney from Sweet Petite Blog! :) She is getting married and her blog is adorable too. :) So if you email me,, I will put you in touch with the lovely girls from Ruffles with Love for your shirt!

This weekend I’ve got a lot going on, per usual it seems. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get in 5 miles to see how the hip does and then I’ll be heading to the gym. I’ve been riding the stationary bike a lot at the gym and I plan to do the same this weekend.

It’s suppose to be chilly this weekend with rain possibly on Sunday. BLAH. Where is the SUN? I am looking forward to some running in the sun soon! I am also running a half marathon next month and still on the fence about the little mini tri at the end of the month. I’m still pretty petrified of riding my bike on the street. I’m working on getting more comfortable but it really scares me. I guess everyone has to face their fears sometime.

So here’s to a busy weekend and some awesome working out, and congrats to Courtney!


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