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Whats in your smoothie

I usually drink a smoothie every morning for breakfast. It’s an easy way to get a lot of green into my diet. Every now and then I tweet a picture of my generally green smoothie and always get asked what is inside the smoothie.

I usually make a smoothie out of whatever fruit we have in the house. That said, when I do my weekly grocery shopping, I get purchase fruit with smoothie making in mind.

I don’t add protein powder or milk or juice. This has been my most recent brilliant find, that really adds to the smoothie.

I usually add one container of that, one banana (which makes the smoothie a really good consistency), and then at least a cup of spinach (which was scary in the beginning because it makes it pretty green, but it literally has no flavor), another cup of kale (which took me forever to find but another green additive with tons of good stuff in it, and no flavor), and then either throw in strawberries, peaches, pineapple, oranges, cuties, I’ve even done apple before, which was a little weird, but it still worked. If they are on sale I’ll get blueberries or raspberries as well. Blueberries get all over the teeth though, so be aware if you do a blueberry smoothie. The other day I even put in a half of a grapefruit and it was great!

I don’t add it all, but I add about 6 strawberries and then a cup of pineapple. Or three cuties and a peach. If I have blueberries on hand, I also will add 1/2 cup of them. Usually as long as I add enough of one ‘flavorful’ fruit, you can’t taste the kale or spinach at all.

I’ve tried the peanut butter ones, and to me, I’m just not a fan. Those ones always seem to double the calories as well, which isn’t as fun to log  in my app and I hate having that many ’empty’ calories for breakfast. I just don’t like peanut butter enough to put it in a smoothie I think.

So basically, every single one of my smoothies tastes differently, but I do make sure to keep the spinach and kale levels high. I always test them while they are still in the blender to see if I need to add more fruit and then I’ll put more in before pouring it out.

I use whatever fruit we have on hand and it always seems to taste totally fine. I don’t add milk or juices because of either the calorie count or sodium. I also add ice at the end after all the fruit is blended to help with the consistency. So even though my smoothies are always different, they are always good and really get me off on the right foot with eating healthy first thing. It’s easy to ‘blow’ your day in the beginning and then continue the downward spiral throughout the day since you’ve already ‘blown’ it.

So that’s what I am putting in my smoothies. Whatever is on hand! When I go grocery shopping I just pick up whatever is on sale and then keep it in the fridge all week to add it into the smoothie. The coconut yogurt has been a great find as well and helps with the consistency and it’s not that expensive either! Total gem.

This weekend I’m working the LA Marathon expo in the rain. Wha-whaaaaa but I do get to have Sunday off and tonight B and I are going on a date night. I have been looking forward to it all week long!


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