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Weekend Recap.

The weekend flies by so fast! I worked on Saturday at the LA Marathon. I got to fit in a short workout Saturday morning which was nice, and then froze out at the Expo! Brrrrrrrr so cold this weekend. George is finally all healed up so we got to take off his cone this weekend! Hooray!

He is such a happy boy now! :) He even got a new collar and is also officially a medium size dog as he now weighs 16 pounds! He hasn’t grown in a while so I’m pretty sure he’ll stay under 20 pounds. He is going to start going to obedience school next month as well. I have been watching many youtube videos on how to teach him how to give me a high five too! :)

Friday night B and I went out for sushi and saw the Movie Acts of Valor. Really good movie.

I don’t know why my hair is so dark in this picture, but meh. B recently shaved his head for St. Baldricks so that is why his hair is all gone! It was so weird seeing him with a shaved head. I’m still not used to it. I don’t know if I ever will be, but I’m excited for his hair not to be so freaking long and glad he did it for charity!

This week it’s back on the workout train and I am going to attempt to run a short run tomorrow morning. I haven’t run much since Arkansas, because of the IT band, but I’m going to attempt tomorrow, we shall see how it goes. I am considering doing a small mini triathlon at the end of April, if I can get running again, but if I can’t run, then I’m not even going to worry about it. So we’ll see how the mileage is in a few weeks. I know if I start out small, I should be better off, since increasing my mileage too quickly is what hurt me in the first place.

Sunday we went down to Crate and Barrel and looked at our bedroom furniture that we are going to order this week. I can’t believe that we are finally going to get it. It has taken quite some time…. and last night… We, after four unsuccessful tries… GOT OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE! We are officially married. We had quite a few issues getting it, because there were a few mistakes on the first one, then the second one someone crossed something out, then the third one someone used blue pen, but now I can FINALLY work on changing my name. Yippie!


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