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Weekend of Working out

Some people are fueled by upcoming races on their calendars. 2012 started off with the registration of the Arkansas Marathon, and I honestly think I was dreading/preparing for that race the early part of the year.

I have found that for me, having nothing on my calendar is actually more motivating than having a race to plan for. I can easily get overwhelmed by a ‘training plan’ but for me, getting up and taking it day by day is when I get in the best work outs. I work much harder and feel much better after each workout. Maybe when I’m actually ‘in training’ for something, I’m too scared to work out hard because I am fearful of  hurting myself or being too sore to work out the next day. With nothing specifically down the pipe, well that I care to share at this point, I’m working out, getting SO sore and working out LONG.

This weekend workout on Saturday included a

20 minute stationary bike ride

weights for 45 minutes

1.5 mile run –> which did hurt, so I’m really trying to lay off the running for a little bit and work more on stretching and foam rolling my IT band.

I was a little bit sore Sunday morning but it was a good sore, which I like. I hit up the gym again and was pretty scared, but wanted to try to swim again. So my workout on Sunday included

20 minute stationary bike ride

weights for 25 minutes

swim for 20 minutes

I totally forgot how fricken hard swimming is. I was winded after 4 laps. GAH. But it was a great workout and my arms are SO sore today, which I love. Tonight I’m going to go some leg stuff and maybe go on the elliptical to switch it up since I worked my arms really hard this weekend.

I have a few things I’m considering in the next few months, but I haven’t actually registered for anything and I like the freedom I have with working out right now, which means I can work out what I want to work out, and not be chained to one thing, like running. Now I have freeeeedom!

Then I did a little cleaning and house organization since I hadn’t really unpacked from Arkansas last weekend and I had crap laying everywhere. I also did some baking which I will share how they turned out tomorrow!


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