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It’s almost here

So this year is pretty much flying by. It’s March? Wait it’s the middle of March? Are you KIDDING ME. As daylight savings has passed… The weather is getting warmer… That leads me to my next point.

This is pretty much what I’ve been chanting to myself at the gym lately. I’ve been working REALLY hard to keep up with being healthy since the beginning of the year and I’m pretty proud to keep on it and though the results are small, having some results is motivating. It’s hard but you have to be accountable to yourself.

It’s one of those things, where I can complain about not being happy in my own skin, or I can actually do something about it. The above sounds harsh, but I have to tell myself that. Danica, you need to man up or shut up. The only person complaining is the one who was shoveling doritos in her mouth in March watching Wall-E wearing sweat pants while she could have been at the gym.

Summer is almost here, it’s time to hold strong to the current routine, keep turning down those tootsie rolls and keep saying no to fast food and soda. It has gotten much easier, but man, I want this summer to be one of the first summers that I don’t loathe my own body in a swimsuit, and you know who is the only person in control of this?


This morning when I didn’t want to get out of bed to go to the gym, I thought, what is your excuse this time. I tried to tell myself it was softball day and that was a good workout, but deep down I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t get up and get to the gym. Off I went and after 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes doing weights, I sure was glad I got up. It’s the age old saying, you never regret a workout you do. I texted my Mid-West Lovie, who was awake already and we ‘worked out together’, from afar. It’s nice to have someone to keep you accountable, whether in person or not. But the only person who can make the changes is me. I have to want it, and right now, the motivation is high.

Even from afar, we were working out together! She was on the treadmill while I road the bike… and then we enjoyed the sun rise together after. :)

So, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on with my smoothies, my workout regime and saying no to eating unhealthy things. Because you just feel better when you eat healthier. Duh.


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