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It’s time to get ARKASAUCED! Yup, don’t think that’s the last time I’ll use that word, so get used to it.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I ran a full, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be ending my full marathon spree here. I am really itching to run short distances and run fast. I remember towards the end of surf city, I had the feeling of ‘ so this is what it’s like to run fast. I like this’ and no I wasn’t running that fast, but I did like running you know, sub 12 minutes a mile.

I also have a sweet bike that needs to be used. So hm. We’ll see what’s next. Whatever it is, it won’t involve 26.2 miles on foot.

We fly out tonight and I spent last night packing, after playing an unfair softball team that we lost too :/

Had to bring the essentials which of course includes the beloved tiger visor as well…

All of the above are in the suitcase and ready to go!

So everyone I’m sure wants to read some goals. Who doesn’t love some goals that you can strive for and eventually blow up and not reach? Mile 20? No big deal. So lets see here.


A. Finish 5:30. Without training and some small IT band issues, I don’t know if this is feasible. Crazy to think that I ran a 3:55 at one point. Really fell off the bandwagon. HA

B. Finish before 6:00. Who knows.

C. Finish before 6:30. I’m pretty sure unless I fall off the side of the road in the river, this won’t happen, but hey you never know. As they say, aim for the moon and no matter what you’ll land among the stars… Which translates in marathon language to… start the race and no matter what your time is you’ll get a medal. Something like that.

As I said yesterday, it’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m pretty excited for our mini reunion. The race, not so much, but you win some you lose some. With that we are off to see the land of Arkansas, score a sweet medal and test our willpower.

Here goes nothing!


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