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Coconutty Chicken

I am ALL about quick and easy meals. Like four ingredients, put in the oven for 30 minutes easy. I get home and am tired and don’t want to stand around and cook for hours on end and I’m usually starving. When B is gone this means I can have cereal, leftovers, mac and cheese, a sandwich, a Popsicle, whatever I want for dinner. When he’s there though, and if he hasn’t made dinner for us already, homeboy wants to eat and he eats a lot. So I attempt to make something decent.

He LOVES samoas. Like is freakishly obsessed. He also calls them coconutties which I find funny because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Despicable Me. When I saw this recipe and the four ingredients, and the fact that it involved coconut, I was sold. I found it in the Taste of Home Magazine a while back, and I’m pretty sure this is the same recipe from

Coconutty Chicken with Honey Nut Chex.

Start by turning on your oven to 425. To make the coconutty mixture, crush up a cup of Honey Nut Chex and a cup of Shredded Coconut. I shake some salt on top of it and add a little bit of pepper .

To make it stick to the Chicken beat three eggs in a bowl on the side. Dip the raw chicken in the egg mix and then dip them in the coconutty mix. Place in a baking pan, and I usually put a little bit of Pam in the pan to help it not stick.

Coconutty Chicken with Honey Nut Chex.

Place in the oven for 25 minutes at  or until baked thoroughly. I usually always cut one chicken in half to make sure they are baked all the way through, but most of the time 25 minutes is plenty. If you see the coconut shreds starting to burn… turn down the oven a bit.

All done!

Yes, this was the left overs because I forgot to take a picture of the finished product and this was actually the first time I burned the chicken on the outside, but it still was tasty. I like serving with pineapple because then I feel like it’s a tropical dinner. I’m really that lame.


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