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Arkansas day uno

So we flew into Arkansas on a red eye from LAX and had to land in Memphis and then take a very small plane into Little Rock. I already hate flying and put me on a small plane with very high winds and I was about to freak out. We were in the last row and wow… this flight was a bit scary for me.

We had to circle the airport 3 times because of high winds. I was nervous and thought to myself, so where would we go if we couldn’t land? Weird. FINALLY after a safe landing, we were in Little Rock. We took a taxi to the hotel and set out to find some lunch. We settled on Big Whiskey on Markham street, also known as the ‘main street’ in downtown. We all wanted to try a local beer, and found out it was called ‘Diamond Bear’. When we walked into Big Whiskey, I asked if they had THE DIAMOND BEAR, and they laughed at me, of course they did!

Delicious beer, I had a great wrap and we enjoyed the service. I must say, everyone was so gosh darn nice there our ENTIRE TRIP!

We explored more of the town, well pretty much ALL of the town in about twenty minutes… and saw lots of little exciting things to get us ready for the race!

Finally we decided to go to the Expo and get our bibs to make this weekend’s event official, so we traveled to the convention center and got our numbers.

The race’s theme this year was Disco and it was pretty apparent that they were going all out for everything. Everything was really well done and I didn’t have much to critique being a part of a race organization myself. That’s where we also saw, in person… THE MEDAL!

It really is as big as my face! Having seen it in person was motivating… even though I knew it would take me a long time on Sunday, knowing I would get the medal at the end and it was pretty cool to see it in person!

That night we wanted BBQ and there was no other place to go than WHOLE HOG! Man, if trophies tell how awesome you are, this place is AWESOME! They has so many trophies and let me tell you, the food was everything I wanted and so much more!

B wanted me to bring home this smoker SO bad! How awesome is it! :) We got a variety of different pulled pork and ribs and let me tell you, these BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos. HOLY PIG! AMAZING! I am dreaming of them right now.

Their BBQ sauces were amazing, the food was great and there was even a guy there playing the violin while we were eating. It was delicious! That night we decided to make the most of the little rock nightlife and since Saturday, we’d be going to bed early for the race, we went out to the Flying Saucer and had a few beers. It was fun and the band that was playing was great.

It was a really fun first day there, and even though we were tired at the end of the day, we were glad to be there and glad we had arrived early enough to relax and enjoy a little bit of the city before the race! :)



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