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Arkansas Day Two!

Saturday morning we got  up, showered, and just kind of puttered around town again. We saw the Kids Run, which was interesting to me, since I usually work closely with the kids runs at our work. There were a ton of kids out finishing their last mile of their 26.2 ‘race’ that they’d been working on for a while, so that was really fun to see.

Then we decided to take the trolley around town, over to North Little Rock. It was a beautiful but a little windy day, and we were hoping to have similar weather the next morning for the race.

All of us on the trolley. We went over the river and saw all North Little Rock had to offer, which wasn’t too much.

We all made sure to drink a TON of water the day before and walked around and tried to stretch as much as we could.

We got off the trolley and headed over to walk around the Clinton Library, which was pretty cool, but we didn’t pay to go inside. It started to get really windy in the afternoon and when the wind was blowing it was pretty cold out.

This was over by the Clinton Library area. It was really a nice day out and the sun was so warm.

We walked down the ‘main street’ so many times this weekend. We stopped by the Discovery museum and they had a whole area on Dinosaurs. Everyone was so nice and excited for the race. The stores had lots of signs in them and it was fun to see the community be a part of the race.

We checked out the start area and I couldn’t miss a chance to take a picture with the portapotties!

After walking around for a while and grabbing lunch at Redbones, which had AMAZING macaroni and cheese, we decided to visit the “Old State House Museum”, which had a lot of interesting artifacts and Civil War memorabilia in it. Very interesting to see how times have changed so rapidly in the past few decades.

This was actually located next to our hotel.

The rooms in it were beautiful and it was very educational. The floors were so pretty! I love a good wood floor!

I sent B some pictures of the things found in there because he loves history and things like this.

We were just goofing off before dinner and took a karate picture in front of this area. Then it was finally time to go to see the Ducks March at the Peabody hotel! We were shocked how many people were there to watch them march! It was fun and quite a spectacle to see them all lined up and literally march on the red carpet.

The have special red stairs to get out of the fountain on and then they march down the stairs and out to the elevator along their red carpet!

This is the duck master and the two people standing next to him were the ‘honorary duck masters’ He basically keeps the ducks in a line and makes sure they are going in the right spot and tells you about how the duck march originated.

Waddling down the stairs! As soon as the red carpet went into the water, the ducks knew it was time to march! They climbed up the stairs and off they went.

Marching down the red carpet! After they got to the end of the carpet they literally got in the elevator and went to the second floor. I guess they have their own special quarters for sleeping at the peabody. What a life!

That night it was really cold out and we decided to stick with something that would be easy on the stomach, pizza.

We went to a great pizza place and had a large pizza and cheesy bread and it was amazing. Must have been a good choice becuase I had no GI issues at all during the race! Pizza is such a good choice. :)

So we settled into bed around 9 and were as ready as we’d ever be for the race in the morning. That feeling the night before is the worst! You just want to get a move on it! Tomorrow I shall post the lovely, and LONG race recap!


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