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What a weekend

This weekend we had an event, Race on the Base. It was a lot of work but went over well. I somehow got another kids run to be in charge of. Man, those kids, I tell ya. So small and the parents. SO CRAZY. I thought regular kids runs were stressful. I’m pretty sure I lost 10 years of my life yelling at parents to stay on the sidewalk and reminding kids they had to walk their bikes in and out of the transition area. Wow. Alas, there were no crashes and everyone seemed happy with the event.

I got a major sunburn… on one side of my body.

And I forgot about these funny pictures taken while setting up…. You know, dropping cones, in the middle of the night. Man it was windy out there!

Cruising with the portapoties… one of my favorite things! :)

And perhaps my favorite picture, when I gave up trying to hook bike fencing together. How is that so hard? I always struggle with hooking them together. Oh the random things we do while working an event. Anyways, it was a good event and I think that everyone was happy with the outcome.

So I’m pretty much in denial of what is going on this Sunday… We leave Thursday at like 1 am, and then land around 7 and have to take a little baby plane into Little Rock. It’s pretty much downtime… and then Sunday. UGH! Poor life choice! Well it should be at least fun to be with Tara, who I haven’t gotten to see since Christmas. I’m obsessively checking the weather, which knock on wood, right now says sunny. It was flip flopping back and forth last week between rain and sun and now seems to be a sunny, chilly day, which I’ll take over rain any day of the week.

I guess these texts really sum up how we are feeling towards the race. Goals? Finish!

There will be tears, there will be cursing and I’m sure a lot of hurt, but I know we can do it. This is the stupidest choice we’ve most likely ever made!


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