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There’s someone new in town…

So maybe it’s just that I’m a huge dork and that’s why this weekends event gets me so excited, but I’m very excited to go to a new local running store this weekend! Legacy Running Store is opening at 4103 Viking Way, Unit C in Long Beach. This is exciting because it’s right off the path that I always am running, so now when I need a gu, some water, anything, I know I can stop by. This pretty much makes me giddy.

I have visited their store in Whittier once before and really liked the atmosphere. There aren’t too many running stores close to my house besides the gigantic ones, which I don’t like, and so this one will be perfect. If you are in the Long Beach area, make sure to check it out. This Saturday they are having giveaways, a morning run, a ribbon cutting ceremony and a ton of discounts.

They are right next to George’s vet and on the way that I travel to work as well, so I saw the banner and got excited! AND they carry K-Swiss shoes! So hopefully, Saturday morning my IT band will be feeling better and I will be able to go out for a short run with their running group. If you are around or running Saturday morning you should stop by! I know that our Run Racing Track Team club members will be there and Jimmy Grabow will be there who just ran in the Olympic Trials and placed 10th and ran a 2:12 in his FIRST marathon. So that is one more reason for me to stop by.

YAY for a fun new place to shop!


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