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The Random 11

So I haven’t done one of these in FOREVER, but I thought it would be fun and The Paper Pod tagged me, so hey, I’ll play along :) I tagged another random 11 at the bottom, and it’s up to you if you wanted to do the post of course! Enjoy the 11 random facts about me.

The Random Eleven

The Rules:

  • Post these rules
  • You must post 11 random things about yourself
  • Answer the questions set for you in their post
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
  • Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
  • No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

11 Random Facts About Me:

  • I sing a lot! I sing to George all the time. I sing what I’m doing, what I’m going to do next, what I’m cooking, what I’m watching on TV, what I’m eating, but I don’t sing songs. Just things I’m doing or thinking. B doesn’t like my singing and thinks it’s weird, unlike Shea who sang with me.
  • When at work, I get coffee every morning by walking across the street to 7-11 and there I create a mix of half french vanilla out of the little espresso machine, half regular exclusive blend coffee, two french vanilla creamers and a straw to drink it from.
  • I am obsessed with dinosaurs and watching the planes take off and land. I would sit on a run way for 8 hours if i could, unfortunately, I cannot find anywhere to look at live dinosaurs all day. Pretty sure airport security would have an issue with me as well…
  • I could listen to Maroon 5 all day long. I seem to love every single on of their songs. Every time they come on my Pandora, I go to the window to see who sings it and sure enough, Maroon 5.
  • I cannot handle many spicy things at all. If I eat something spicy, my nose starts to sweat. Only my nose and it gets wet like a dog! So weird. When I eat spicy food, B always asks me if I have a puppy nose.
  • One of my biggest regrets growing up is quitting softball in the 8th grade. I was playing all the time, was on so many all star teams and looking back, I know I could have landed a huge college scholarship for softball. It makes me wonder sometimes. The reason I quit is because one of my teammates dad was the coach and he told me I was terrible and should give up. So I did and played soccer. I still have no idea how that conspired.
  • I don’t know my left from my right and I am absolutely terrible at directions. This drives B INSANE.
  • I cannot wear heels for more than 2 hours. It’s a big time struggle when I try to dress up. The best part is though, when I get dressed up I’m usually going to dinner, so therefore I just remind myself that I’ll be sitting down. I have NO clue how people wear them every day all day long.
  • I am completely obsessed with stationary. I love buying and sending cards. I love paper products. I love post its and calendars. I am constantly buying cute little cards that I find.
  • 99% of my wardrobe is purchased from Forever 21. Everything but my jeans, which I have three pairs that were not purchased from there. I remember before I was 21, how cool it would be to shop at Forever 21, when I was 21. Now that I’m 26, I wonder when I will stop shopping there. All my workout clothes are from Marshalls, T.J Maxx and Ross.
  • I always wait to brush my teeth until I am all ready to leave in the morning. It’s the very last thing I do before leaving the house.

11 Questions from The Paper Pod:

  • What’s your least favorite chore? Making the bed with clean sheets. I don’t know why but I hate doing it
  • Do you take daily vitamins? I take my hair, skin and nail pills ever day
  • Name one crafty project you want to tackle. I really want to make the Peep Wreath for Easter, it’s weird and gross and funny at the same time.
  • What’s one food item you couldn’t give up? Cheese
  • If you could have a shopping spree at any retailer, who would you choose? I think this is hands down the easiest question… Forever 21, of course.
  • What super power do you wish you had? Flying
  • What famous person do people say you resemble? Tina Fey, if I’m wearing my glasses
  • What’s one of your fitness goals for 2012? To  not run so much and become more fit, instead of just piling on useless miles
  • Cookies or cupcakes? Snickerdoodle cookies
  • What trendy word do you wish people would stop using? Stop trying to make Fetch happen!
  • What is your favorite holiday? I love Christmas, I love the 4th of July and I love My Adoption day, even though it’s not a Holiday for everyone, it’s a special day for me!

People I’m taggin’. And these are a random 11 questions I’m asking you! :)

  • What’s your favorite article of clothing?
  • Morning person or night owl?
  • How many glasses of water do you drink a day?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Starbucks or Coffee Bean?
  • What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • Would you rather get a phone call every hour  from a stranger or not have a cell phone for a year?
  • MLB or NBA?
  • Do you use a daily planner?
  • What’s one thing on your ‘bucket list?’












Enjoy! :)

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