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Testing out some new recipes part 2

This weekend was another baking weekend! I know I say it a lot, but I truly love baking. It’s fun to try out new recipes and make different things. I started off with making something that I have been wanting to make for a LONG time! I saw it on Pinterest and really was excited to make it. It’s a really easy recipe and you just add an 8 oz bag of mini recess peanut butter cups after you mix the normal banana bread recipe together. You put it in the over for an hour and wha-la, you’ve got Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread!

Click on the picture above to go to the link where the recipe is from. That’s what It’s suppose to look like I guess. :) Here’s mine right before it went into the oven!

It did make the house smell AMAZING! And the batter was delicious!

Here’s my finished product. So, onto how it tasted. Sadly, I really didn’t actually like it. Maybe it was too chocolatey for me? Maybe I just like my banana bread to be super banana-y? I don’t know, but it just wasn’t my favorite. B, who doesn’t like sweets said it was good, but not his favorite. I agree. Though, I did give some to his parents and a piece to a friend at work, and they both really liked it, so though it wasn’t a hit in our household, it was still good. If you have some browning bananas laying around, I would make it just to see what your take is on it. It’s almost more like a dessert bread for me.

Now, onto the worst baking fail of my life. The CAKE POPS FAIL.

For Christmas, I got a cake pop pan and pretty much have been dying to make them. The directions to the pan said to combine the cake mixture with Jello. Maybe I am just an idiot but I don’t get how this works and I’m pretty sure I screwed these up by making the wrong mix. I will have to give them another try another day, but for now, I’m giving up on cake pops. Maybe next month.

So when they were coming out of the pan, I thought they might be okay? I was a bit concerned how goopy and gooey they were. Ew. B, the official taste tester was pretty excited to taste them. He took one put it in his mouth and said, ‘Are you trying to kill me? These are awful and spit it out into a napkin.’ So that happened. Awesome.

Yea, they were not the right consistency, weird tasting, raw in the center and oddly shaped. FAIL.

Here’s a great cake pop! Haha, I don’t know why some of them filled the little area they were suppose to and some didn’t. So weird. Oh well, another time and I will try to make them again. Hopefully they won’t be so disappointing next time! I was sad because they were inedible and I pretty much had to throw them away.

I did have one giant win though and made stuffed peppers for the first time last week. They were delicious and super easy! I can’t wait to make them again. AND B said for quite possibly the first time that it was a ‘great meal!’ So I know I will be making it again soon. :)

Also, you know you’re in a world of hurt when you bring your foam roller to work with you… Yes, this is happening.

Pink Foam Roller, please save me.


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