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Team Sparkle Skirt Review!

I recently donned something sparkly when I ran my last two races, and little did I know that I would love to sparkle! Honestly, I’m not a big running skirt girl. I wore one a while back and I don’t know why but I just wasn’t a huge fan. That’s much different than when you can wear something fun over your normal shorts. I wasn’t sure how I would like the skirt, but still was pretty excited to try it, and now I’m a fan of Team Sparkle!

I first wore the Team Sparkle skirt at the 13.1 Race, which was unfortunately, a terrible race for me. I couldn’t pull it together and it just wasn’t fun. I know that when I have a bad race, I usually associate something I wore, or ate or did the night before with that race. I knew I couldn’t leave that race’s bad time affect my overall review of the skirt and though it doesn’t make any sense at all, I didn’t want to associate that skirt with that bad time at the race.

Even though I had a bad race at the 13.1, I did enjoy the skirt, but was just a little down in the dumps. Wha-WHAAAAAA….

So therefore, I decided to wear it again at the Surf City Half Marathon. I figured it was a race course along the ocean and since my Team Sparkle Skirt was blue, it would glitter in the sun like the waves. Okay, I really never thought that, but it makes it more fun. :) I had a much better race and I got so many compliments on my skirt! It was more fun to be doing some happy running when people are smiling at you and telling you that they like your skirt and go keep going blue sparkly skirt! It makes it a much better experience.

So onto the skirt. It fits right on your hips and you wear your regular shorts underneath it. I wore my spandex shorts underneath both times. One of my biggest concerns that I had before running in the skirt was chafing. I was scared it would chafe the front of my legs or get annoying and bother me, but it didn’t at all! I totally forgot it was there until I heard a ‘love your skirt!’ or looked down and saw the sparkles looking back up at me. It has a seam about 1/3 of the way down from the waist to help it from just hanging on your body and looking unflattering. The seam gives it just a little bit of shape and helps it flare out to fit well and flatter all the right parts! :) I really think the seam makes a huge difference also for the fit on the back. It fit over my backside well and didn’t just sit there, which I liked.

I also was concerned that the skirt would ride up but, but I was wrong and it never does! It has a serious great fit, which I liked a lot, and it makes it easy to wear. I also could fit my iFitness belt underneath, not a problem, and could access it at any point without issues as well. I put the belt right under the elastic band that the skirt is on. Another part about the skirt that worked so well is the length. It’s not super short, but it’s also not super long. I would be able to wear it with capris and also shorts, which I liked as well. So overall, I’m glad that I tried it out, and tried something different! It was so fun to wear and the comments that it brings your way is fun. Now I need to work on getting faster and making it sparkle more! :) They also have this REALLY cute Silver Sparkle Showgirl skirt… which is adorable. Perhaps the next Team Sparkle skirt I will sport! :)

I also tried out the Team Sparkle Race Legs and loved them. I can’t wait to get another pair. I was concerned that they would slide as well, but they worked out great and never slid down or moved at all. I guess I am skeptical when it comes to trying out new stuff, but I was more than happy with both the Team Sparkle pieces I wore when running. I thought the race legs were fun and I totally forgot I was even wearing them, which was great because they kept my legs warmer on the chilly morning and added to my costume! :)

Big thanks to Team Sparkle for helping me find my inner girly girl and letting me a part of the Team Sparkle! It was so much fun wearing the skirt and I can’t wait to wear it again soon, after Arkansas… once I get my running life back on track! :) I would totally recommend that if you are in the mood for something fun or an a great running embellishment… you should get a skirt! :) If you are on the fence about them, your in the same boat I was before trying the skirt, you will be surprised at how great the skirt fits, how many compliments you get and how much more fun it is to sparkle at your next race!

Also, a big thanks to Team Sparkle for sending me the skirt and race legs for my Team Red White and Blue Outfit. :) I really appreciate it!


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