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I know it’s been difficult for me to run lately, but after tracking my calories for almost two months, and working out pretty regularly I’ve been seeing some changes! It’s invigorating to start to feel healthy and see a change on the scale. I feel SO much stronger and even though in the beginning it was hard to just keep working out and tracking everything I was eating it’s panning out. I know that you have to be patient, which is hard for me, but I’m glad that I kept with it and am seeing a difference. So far I’ve lost 9 pounds. I’m feeling much more comfortable in my clothes and my jeans went through the drier (on accident, thank you B) and they still fit, really well actually. Which I must admit, hasn’t happened in a long time. My arms are getting stronger, I’m feeling much better and the app I’m using is so helpful to me. (Mynetdiary is the app) I think that maybe, maybe, in a few weeks I might not be terrified of being in a swimsuit and even told B I wanted to go somewhere warm this summer. My mind just keeps telling me to keep working hard and it will pay off.

So that finally paying off is rewarding and motivating to keep going! I have been listening to some sweet new jams recently while working out too and I’m pretty sure this is going to be the Arkansas anthem…

I’m looking forward to the pain, the laughs, and the tears that will be shared on that trip. No matter what the medal at the end will be super rewarding. Tomorrow, I’ve got a few more baking reviews and then Friday I have a lovely Team Sparkle Skirt review, since I’ve been getting quite a few questions on it! :)


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