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February is here

So month one of 2012 is in the past, and now it’s onto February. The month where I struggle with spelling it’s name wrong the ENTIRE month. Thank goodness for spell check. This is also a month where we celebrate love. I like to celebrate love all the time but I like to get into the hearts and happiness and share my love with some of my favorite people. One being my best friend, Shea.

We are celebrating the month of love by getting out hearts pumping and the blood flowing. That creative little one over at No So Cli-Shea made this little banner to celebrate our month of heart pumping fitness and I’m jumping on the bandwagon, stealing her banner and posting about what we do all month to make a difference in our bodies.

You see, we talk a lot about our bodies, and we both know we can do a lot better working out. It’s easy to complain, but what’s hard is making a choice to make a difference. What is more fun than working out together? Obviously pretty much nothing so we got up super early this morning and headed to the park to do a 45 minute workout that included day one of Fab Abs as well…

So we are both committed to working out together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and doing the Fab Ab workout those days as well as the days that we are not working out together. I’ll still be running on Tuesday and Thursday and doing my long run on the weekends. Also, with weather SO  lovely lately, I might just head out for evening runs as well.

I also have excellent news to share about tracking my food that since I started keeping track of all the food I’ve been eating, I’ve lost 6 pounds. The app (My Net Diary) I’m using really helps me make wise decisions about my food and doesn’t just count calories, which to me, I could have eaten my calories in a burger and fries that day, but obviously that is not a good choice. It reminds me to eat fiber in the morning, and tells me when I had to much sodium and all that stuff, that is easy to overlook, at least for me.

Shea and I even took HORRIFYING before pictures this morning, so we can work to keep each other accountable. We were talking this morning about how summer always comes around and we then try to make a change, but it’s already too late, and with February upon us, we can start now, to see a difference.

What are you going to do to make your Fat to Fit February? As we all know, changes don’t come over night, but making a concious effort in food choices and exercise will make all the difference come June!

Here’s our workout from this morning (12 reps/3 times)

Crunches (12 forward, 12 on each side)

Mountain climbers

Plank (20 seconds)

Push ups

Pelvic Thrusts

Jump rope (30 jumps, 40 jumps, ending on 50 jumps) while I jumped rope, Shea did Jumping Jacks. We did 25 Jumping Jacks each time and then switched

And the most dreaded leg throw downs – 10 normal and then 5 on each side. Those BURN and I hate them, but we got them done

Leg Scissors (which we did 30 scissors)

I’m really starting to actually see a difference when I track my food, and guess what, DUH, I feel better about myself and my body. Shocking, I know. I’m not starving myself, I’m not working out 20 hours a week. I’m not depriving myself. I’m making wise decisions, working out different parts of my body than normally and splurging when I know I deserve it. (not every day like I used to with the tootsie rolls! GAH!)

It takes a commitment, but we are both committed and will be checking in on our progress throughout the month. I’m excited to have a workout buddy to do these exercises with, and being sore together means we are sharing the pain!


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