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Struggly Not Fun

So running has made me feel like this lately


A big fat MEH. I’ve REALLY struggled on my last few runs. I don’t know why. I just can’t get it to click, and if it does click, it’s the last mile, so I can’t decide if that is only happening because of my complete joy that my run is over. Most of the struggles have happened over long runs. Those 3-5 miles though, I’m doing much better on. Able to keep a much more consistent pace and not completely hating my time out there.

Anything over 5 though? I basically HATE it. I don’t get it. I know Arkie keeps getting closer with each passing day. I need to get through that, and this ‘training’ and then it’s onto different things. I look forward to changing it up. Lately I have been loving the gym, biking and I’m thinking a little baby tri is in my future. When I say baby tri, I mean short, short distance. Right now, long runs are really putting a damper on my running style and overall love for running, and I have come to the realization that I want to get faster, in shorter distances, like how I used to run. I love running short distances, and I love running fast.

I need to keep my head up and remember that even though my runs are not great… I’m still getting them done. I’m actually pretty proud of myself and the training I’ve been doing lately, even with the mehtastic feeling I am having towards running. It might not be fun or pretty, but it’s still happening and I’m not giving up.

So for now, I will contemplate buying this pillow…

It is what it is. Arkie is approaching. After Arkie new and exciting, different things are in my future. I’m struggling with running but it is what it is, and hopefully some good runs are on the horizon!


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