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YAY! Time to get marrrrrried (well six months ago it was!) I can’t believe that I finally get to post all these pictures now that the show has officially aired! I’ve waited so long! It was truly a special day with so many special memories and moments and I’m so glad we had such an awesome photographer, Jonathan Moore Photography, there to capture it all. Here are some pictures from before the ceremony!

It was a really long day and we got ready at the church that we were married at, which was the same church that 7th Heaven was filmed at! It was a beautiful church, and they were amazing. There was A LOT going on during our wedding, but it was so special and so full of excitement, it was just a joyful amazing day where we were truly surrounded by so much love and amazing people.

A nervous habit… playing with my ring before we started filming for the day.

It’s true, I had NO idea what dress I was going to wear on my wedding day! David walked in with a big white bag and I knew he was going to show me, and I was so hopeful that he would pick number 3! :) Once David showed me what dress I was going to wear, my lifelong dream of wearing my hair down at my wedding went right out the window. It would have been WAY too much going on with all the beading of the dress and my hair down, so we worked together on picking a style of wearing it up, and I don’t regret it at all, I loved my hair, and it made me much more ‘bridal’.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH still can’t believe this was my dress. It was SO light, and shockingly enough laid perfect for the entire day. It was glorious and I felt like a cloud princess. So special. Ines Di Santos was the designer and she is AMAZING. She creates dresses that are so special and different. They are made to lay nice and photograph well.

The shoes I got ready in, they were by Steve Madden and I got them at Nordstrom Rack on sale… I realized they must be at the rack because the next day the bow fell off.

Looking at a picture of me when I was trying on the dress two weeks earlier that one of the crew members took.

Yup, that’s the getting ready camp. There were a LOT of people there and they were like busy bees in a hive! I remember one time I was talking to Shea and said man, you know what we forgot to get, Monsters, and before I knew it I had one in my hand. It was magical and everyone was SO nice. It was weird having that much attention on me. The makeup artists were incredible as were the hair stylists, I couldn’t believe it was all really happening and I was going to get married!

Magical Monster and my Best Friend. Nothing could be better.

Love this shot. Loved the bouquet, loved the shoes and yup, love the ring. :)

Gah the dress fit like a glove but when you put a mic pack in there it gets TIGHT. Shea was the best zipper-upper though.

Suck it in!

I loved the shoes and loved that they were red! So much fun and I was really proud of myself, because I kept them on the entire night, which is a feat since I NEVER wear heels.

All the boys. The ties were all the same, but they look different in this picture because some of  them are different in the light. David didn’t change anything about what the boys were going to wear.

David and B. <3

Almost time to walk down the aisle! I LOVED the church. Some people have asked about the flowers in the church, or lack there of. Actually, something that really bothers me is random flowers at the church. Like big sprigs or sprays of randomness, and I  love the look of this church, simple clean, nothing distracting, so I’m SO glad there were no flowers. In the wedding we had planned before David came in, I wasn’t going to have flowers in the church that we were planning on getting married at, so I wonder if those people would have said that we were missing flowers then? Who knows, but I love how it’s focusing on us, not floral arrangements and I love how clean it looks up there, and the wood. I love the color of it.

They sent everyone down the aisle and then I walked through the back door and immediately saw my brother and it was immediately time to walk down the aisle. There was so much emotion and I already was on the brink and didn’t want to cry! I told him DO NOT CRY and they opened the doors and we headed down the aisle! My heart was beating out of my chest!

It was AMAZING. Amazing. AMAZING to see all the people we love in one place. As I walked down the aisle I just wanted to get to Bryan and I was so excited and ready to just get married. The church looked fabulous and everyone was so  happy and I just wanted to look and say hi to everyone! I loved seeing everyone’s reaction and I loved walking down to the bridal march song!



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