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Making some changes

I never have really tried seriously to track anything I ate ever before. I usually eat ‘somewhat healthy’ but never really count calories or keep close track of what I’m eating.

Recently, I’ve changed my mind becuase I am not happy with how I feel. I know the person who is solely in charge of this is myself and I have to make a choice to actually try to lose weight to become more healthy. I know exactly where I carry all my weight, in my mid-section. I always have and when I gain weight, it goes directly to there. I’m just not happy with how I’ve let my mind think that eating some fruit will make up for bad choices. I know I can make better decisions and I know I’m the one in charge of this aspect of my life.

Also, a summer trip to the river is right around the corner, and instead of being upset at myself and how I look there, in a bathing suit, I’d rather take charge, when I have ample time to make a difference in myself before then. A lot of my issues that I have are when I eat poorly, and give up easily. I don’t know why I don’t believe that I can eat healthy, but I always blow it and then just let the rest of the day slide away. Also, it always seemed like I would either try to starve myself, which obviously never worked and I would become angry and mean and it would only last for a couple hours and then I would just overeat once I could eat again. I wouldn’t ever look at anything besides calories, and I really needed to make a change. Though I have the taste buds of an eight year old, it was time to eat like an adult.

So I’ve started logging what I eat every day on an little app on my phone called My Net Diary. It was free and I wanted to see what I really was eating. It actually is pretty fun and I really can see how I was eating WAY too much a day without even knowing it. I use to use the fact that I worked out as an excuse to eat whatever I want, which isn’t a good way to think.

In addition to looking at my calories and tracking what I eat every day, which is informative and it gives me stats on how I’m doing with sodium, saturated fat, and calories of food, it’s motivating to see myself keep on track with what I’m eating and coming up with foods that are good and fall in the categories that I need.

I have been making good snacks, eating more smaller meals throughout the day and feeling much better already. I just felt like a salt lick eating crap all the time, and the only person to blame is myself. I had my first ‘green monster’ smoothie yesterday after my 4 mile run and it was good.

I wouldn’t say it was delicious, but it was drinkable. I think I thought I would be able to just ignore the weight gain, and be whatever about it, but it has come time to make a change. It’s easy to think that if you work out all the time, or run, you don’t have to worry about what you eat, but I have come to the realization that diet is also such a huge part of your life and now I’m willing to make a change to feel healthier and be happier with my appearance.

So with that out there, I’m also still working out a lot and working toward the Arkansas Marathon. I have the 13.1 Los Angeles on Sunday which will be the starting point where the miles really start to add on for the full, and I’ll be heading to Arkansas before I know it!


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