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Dance, Dance, Dance!

The after the ceremony and onto the reception happened so very quickly, and the reception was ridiculously amazing. It was SO very us, exactly what we wanted and the little details were spectacular. David and his team hit it out of the park with this one and we both loved everything. I still look through pictures and notice small things over and over thinking, Oh my gosh! I missed that!

In between the ceremony and reception we literally had like 10 minutes to take pictures with Jonathan. He took roughly 10 of the most amazing pictures ever during that time. Seriously, the man is a genius and works so well in limited and crazy out of control circumstances.

He snapped this one as we were walking over to the reception site to have David unveil how everything looked to us. I was so excited and though I thought I would totally peek before he truly revealed it to us, I didn’t!

So glad I didn’t because this was INCREDIBLE. It was the best moment to be surprised with everything. I couldn’t even believe how perfect pretty and totally US things were.

The cake was in the back of an old truck and it was so much fun! I loved the set up and idea and when I told him we only wanted pies, he of course said you can’t have a wedding without cake AND pies!

There were a mixture of long and round tables. Everyone got a candied apple. I LOVE the lanterns they had at each table.

Let there be PIE. It was AMAZING and the pie layout was so cute and festive and totally had that home spun feel to it.

I died at every detail. The mini pies were so cute. The pie pops were tasty, and everyone enjoyed them!

The food table. Yup, variety of sliders, fries AND macaroni and cheese bites. I was in heaven, they totally nailed every aspect of our day and I love the baby’s breath in the tins.

This was looking at the whole site and bar area. I loved the umbrellas and how they kept my fabric hanging from them. The church pews and assortment of tables. SHUT UP I couldn’t get over how cute they were. I wanted to take one home!

Mason jars! This was also us walking in and we had to be very careful not to turn around or look at anything.

These were in each corner on the dance floor and the bulbs on the fence were turned on later. LOVE the little things. They make all the difference.

This was right after the reveal. I was so happy and overwhelmed. David totally got my vision and made it come to life in an incredible and unexpected way.

David’s outfit was SO cute. :)

Once the guests were seated, we came out and had our first dance to Keith Urban, “Without You“. It was pretty amazing and scary at the same time. B HATES dancing so the entire song he was asking me if we were done. Again, Mr. Everywhere caught this photo. Right place, right time.. ALWAYS. I love this picture and it was totally not planned!

Such vibrant colors, which I love that he captures that, I don’t know why, but I see a lot of pictures that are so washed out from weddings. I guess that’s the style but I LOVE COLOR. obviously, my wedding was red. That was one of the many things that sold me on Jonathan, he loves color and vibrancy too.

So happy, even though B hated it! After our first dance and a good hour of hellos, I was whisked away to change into the dress that David had surprised me earlier with by Sherri Hill. The red sparkly dress! It was so much fun to wear a short dress and made dancing easier.

Then after dinner, we cut the cake! We were both nice becuase I had warned B, if he smashed it in my face, he would be in the doghouse for a while. You know how long it took to get my makeup done!?!

Toasts, which were both incredibly well done, from Shea and B’s Brother.

Then we had a special moment with David, where I gifted him a quilt that my mom’s sister, my aunt made.

Throwing the bouquet to One Less Lonely girl by Justin Bieber.

Threw the garter to Who wrote the Book of Love by the Monotones. B is obsessed with old songs like that.

Then it was time to DANCE. Everyone had so much fun on the Dance floor and the DJ was amazing! It’s one of B’s work friends companies and they were incredible.

I love this picture with my little brother. We shared a special dance right after B and his mom danced together. He won’t like to admit it, but he teared up a TON that day. :)

The man of the NIGHT.

Came out and did a little dancing with us, it was so much fun.

Cannot even begin to say thank you enough.

Getting DOWN on the dance floor!

My brother was HILARIOUS out there.

Seriously busted some sweet moves and can I say again how great my Bridesmaids looks? Hot diggity dog.

Dance, Dance… DANCE!

Shea was incredible the entire day. Nothing like a best friend AND a Maid of Honor!

The night ended off with Neck tie Limbo! My brother and his friend tied their ties together and everyone was chanting and limboing, it was so great.

I cannot even say how great the entire day was. I must say the cliche ‘it went by so fast!’, but it truly did. At the end of the day, I was married to my (another cliche here) best friend, and we had the most incredible time celebrating with our family and friends, new and old. Everything was simply flawless and it was the best day of my life. Tomorrow will be the Q&A about our wedding and the show! If you have any questions, please email me –>


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