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Curling the Short hair

I get a few emails about how I curl my hair. I made a video about how I do it every morning when I curl or ‘bend’ my hair when I actually take the time to do it. It highlights that I do many weird things and make many weird noises. I find that it comes out the best when I do it like I show in the video because the way I used to curl it when it was long makes me look like Shirley Temple!

When I first blow dry my hair… it looks like this

I also talk about a product and I’ve been told I call it by the wrong name, who knew… but here is a link to the product, Aquage and I also reference another blog that I love going to for hair stuff and she made a video on how to put the Aquage in your hair, which is super helpful. You can find her super cute blog here, and here’s the video on how to apply Aquage. I usually put nothing in my hair, so when I use this I really see a difference and it works great to keep it so well!

Overall, it’s pretty easy, but I do have a ton of hair, so that makes it much larger than normal hair. I do find that the bend always works better on the left side too, the right side plagues me with weird stuff going on. Alas, hopefully you enjoyed the video. Sorry it’s SO long. :/


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