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I’m so excited for this weekend for so many reasons.

A – Today is my best friends Birthday! Hooray for Shea being an old as me. I cannot say it enough, she is like a sister to me, I’m blessed to have her in my life and can’t wait to celebrate tonight. She rocks, enough said.

B – I’m running a half marathon on Sunday. Haven’t trained TOO much for it, but it’s the base point that I will measure my fitness at for training for Arkansas. Basically my motto is, as long as I don’t die this weekend, I will do a 16 miler next weekend, and then and 18 miler the following weekend and then I will do the dreadful 20 miler. Badabing, training complete. So this weekend, should be a test of if I can get through 13.. onwards and upwards! I also am going to wear a team sparkle skirt and be totally AMERICANA out for this race, which is oh by the way my most favorite thing.

C- OUR WEDDING AIRS ON SUNDAY! Exciting. Another sneak peek was released today! I am so excited and very nervous. It airs Sunday on We Tv Check your local listings.

D – I’m cleaning our house tomorrow. This gives me complete joy and excitement that I will have a nice clean fresh house after tomorrow.

The weather should be great. Hopefully I don’t do anything weird on national television. Oh and I got my bike fitted! So I get to test that out this weekend too! Hooray for a great weekend and you know what makes it even awesomer… It’s a three day weekend! Cha-CHING!


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