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Adios 2011

Holy Toledo. Another year in the books. 2011 started out to be a normal old ho-hum here’s another year, let’s enjoy it, be merry, all that good stuff, and little did I know pretty much my entire life would change in a matter of, oh let’s say six months? January was pretty much the usual getting back into the swing of things with the daze of the Holidays still sitting on my waist line. I started training for the LA Marathon, and then February came around.

Out of nowhere, I got engaged. I pretty much was sick with shock and surprise for a week, a good sick but none the less, I don’t do surprises well. We planned to get married a year later and started all the wedding planning hoopla. Fun times running with friends, hanging out and overall being happy (none the less shocked for pretty much the entire month)

March came and the LA Marathon pretty much killed all my dreams of ever running again, oh wait, I ran another marathon the following weekend… in Oakland? Still wondering where my mind was in March. Maybe it was the post engagement happiness bliss and I forgot about real life during that time. LA Marathon happened. Oakland happened. Back to Back marathons was my big thing this year and I guess I pretty much sputtered out of racing for the year after that, shall we call it a debacle?

April and May. Recovering from my marathon stupidity, running a few miles, and of course, wedding planning. That whole thing kind of takes over your life when that rock gets placed on your left finger. I was challenging myself to work out 40 days in a row. I felt good and really kept to my challenge. We crafted and had a lovely engagement party with family and friends.

Onto bigger and better things, June. I kicked it into high workout gear since I was unexpectedly getting married in less than a month all because of some wonderful person named David Tutera. We found that we got picked to be on the show, My Fair Wedding,  and I truly didn’t believe that we were on the show until he showed up on our doorstep three weeks before the wedding. Seriously.

So then it was the crazy month of July. July 4th, I shockingly placed first in my age group in the La Palma Fourth of July 10K. That’s what happens when there are about 5 people in your age group. Then it was time to get marrrrrrried! With bridal showers, bachelorettes and the wedding back to back to back weekends, it was a crazy time with barely any running and so much celebrating with friends and family. I literally cannot wait for our episode to air (JAN 15!) and I can finally share pictures!

August we were off to Europe and had a wonderful time there with B’s entire family. It was crazy to be MARRIED. We came back home and it was time to hit the busy season hard at work. We finally closed and moved into our new house, and got a unexpected friend in the process by rescuing George!

October, I turned another year older, lived though another LB Marathon AND went to the My Fair Wedding Season Premier.

November was another Turkey Trot with work, B’s Birthday and then before a blink of an eye it was December and the year came to a close. I raised over $500 dollars for Locks of Love though my blog and donated my hair and it means so much to me that my readers made donations to help me reach my goal.

At the end of the year that was insane and amazing and very, very life changing, I cannot even believe where I was a year ago. The thing that stands out through all these events are how so many people love me and how my friends continue to shape my life and are there for me through it all. It means so much to have the memories at our wedding, with all my friends standing next to me, from crossing finish lines with them, to dancing the night away on July 23rd. My friends and family are amazing and it really meant so much to me for them to be there for me this entire year.

M&T – Can’t wait to take on Arkie with you two crazies this year. LA too? We’ll see. I love you both so much and am so blessed to have you hooligans by my side in life.

L – You make the work day go by so fast and are pretty much the one who keeps me sane in the old dungeon.

S – You truly are my sister, and cannot imagine my life without you. You laugh with me, cry with me, and you truly are the reason why we got our dream wedding this year. I am forever thankful for our memories we’ve shared, and can’t wait to make more with you in 2012, perhaps they will include a duck whistle, or just a little bit of tape.

So bring it on! 2012 here we go, and I cannot wait to see what it holds. More fun races, more memories and many more laughs.


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