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13.1 Half Marathon Race Report

This race already happened a week ago and I haven’t had the chance to post the recap. I got the entry off my friend Billy’s blog and his contest to win an entry. I honestly trained very poorly for this race. I should have been running more, but alas, I wasn’t and the only person to blame was myself. Oh well, I was still excited to get out there and run, with a medal at the end of the race waiting for me.

That morning I saw Billy and we tucked ourselves in the 2:00 group. The start line was small and I didn’t realize how small the race was. We took off and it was a pretty morning, the weather was nice and cool and Billy left me right around the 1.5 mile mark. I was cruising along quite slow and glad he left me. I didn’t want to keep him down with my slow pace.

This was actually the first race that B came to, longer than a 5k! Miles kept ticking by and I just was bored. I don’t know why but I felt like I was running so slow and I was just tired. Meh. I guess that is what not training does for you. Around half way, I saw B on the beach path and was super excited to see him! He snapped this picture of me running. :) I did have to go to the bathroom basically the entire race, but I held it becuase there were lines at every single one of the portapotties at each aid station.

Notice what a pretty morning it was! I LOVE airplanes and watching them fly, so it was a pretty fun course that ran right around LAX, which is chock full of airplanes taking off all morning. It was heaven watching them all go off and to hear them flying around. I loved that part for sure! I wore my Team RWB shirt and also my Team Sparkle Skirt and Race Legs! Loved the outfit :) I will be doing a Team Sparkle review this week as well :)

I did, for some reason, notice that there weren’t a lot of water stations, but it might just be me and running larger races and how I am used to water stations every mile. Meh, maybe I was just thirsty. Maybe I just wanted to drown my sorrows? Who knows.

The views were great. The course was a tad hilly and the hills came later in the race, when I was already cursing myself for not training. And when I say hilly, it’s mostly just up overpasses. I would say about 2-3 maybe 4 small baby hills. I probably am being a baby about it, but alas, my lack of training was pretty much making me hate life. I just couldn’t find the groove. So I walked, enjoyed the planes and even saw a ton of dolphins out swimming. Good times. I tried to point it out to another runner, and she seemed much less enthused about said dolphins.

Around mile 10 I basically wanted to give up. For some reason I just wasn’t mentally there. I couldn’t pull it out to keep running. I ran walked… and finally finished. It wasn’t my best or worst time but the fact that I couldn’t get my mind right was just odd to me, and bothered me. Oh well, the race is done and I got in 13 miles. I met up with a co-worker and B who were waiting for me at the finish line.

We went to the Tripel after, a great burger joint in Playa Vista. They were serving brunch and we partook in some of their awesome food. We had a golden monkey beer to celebrate.

YAY for B’s first race. Though it was not by any means a stellar performance on my part, but seeing two of my favorite people at the finish line made up for it! The big shiny medal was pretty cool too :)

The medal was really heavy and I like it a lot! It has a little spinny thing in it that says 13.1, which is pretty cool. At the finish line, I guess I missed the signs that said there was a festival area, because I just walked away and didn’t see anything. I guess it was around the corner and at a park? I don’t know how I missed this but alas, this was waiting for me at the Tripel… YUM

I ate half of it and it was awesome and everything I wanted after that race. It was a good race and a fun way to kick of the ‘racing’ season of 2012! Glad I got to run the event and score that awesome medal. I am disappointed with my time (2:15ish I think?) but alas, that’s what you get when you don’t put a lot into training. I attempted to run 16 miles last weekend and was squashed at 10 miles. My legs were just thrashed the entire run and I was so uncomfortable. I figured taking a week off of the long run would be okay and finished with 10. Shockingly enough, I feel so fresh now so I’m going to attempt the long run again this weekend. I have really been struggling with running lately. So many mediocre runs that I think Arkie will be my last full for some time. I truly am starting to get the itch to run faster, shorter distances, which I haven’t done in quite some time. We shall see after Arkie and how that goes!


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