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10 miler check

This weekend I worked the Tinkerbell Half Marathon Expo, which was quite fun. I saw and met many people. Good stuff. Working expos isn’t that bad but it’s just long hours. But meeting people and talking to people is always fun.

So that was Friday and Saturday, all day long.

Thanks to Angry Julie for this awesome picture

Sunday, I wanted to try to redeem my running spirit and went out for a run. I knew I wanted to get at least 6 miles in but didn’t know how my body would hold up after being on my feet at the Expo. I finished with 10 and a smile on my face, which hasn’t happened in quite some time. Thankfully my body did great and I am not to sore except for my hip today, which has been happening on longer runs lately. I did run faster than normal and did actually enjoy the run for the first time in a while. I felt strong and happy. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and I ran in a tank top!

I had a conversation with Tara last night about training and the upcoming Arkie Marathon. We both have seemingly been struggling with running it seems and though we both are committed to running the Full Marathon in Arkie, we both are not having a grand training sesh this time around. We both have been not having a problem running around 10 miles to 13 miles, and then the other miles just seem to intimidate us and we are both not even attempting to increase our mileage right now. So therefore we had a brilliant idea of running the first 13.1 miles, and then trading off from running and walking. I think it’s the “Galloway” method. So from miles 13 – the end of the race, we are going to walk a minute and run five minutes. We are both excited to run the race, spend time together and just hang out. What better way to spend time together, than suffering through a marathon together?

We discussed how we were both okay with this idea, and both are still committed to the full. Therefore that switches up my training a bit with keeping pretty consistent to running a long run (10-13 miles) on the weekend, and shorter runs during the week. We also talked about how we will have fun running the last half, and enjoy all Arkansas has to offer along the route! I mean, how many times will I ever be in Arkansas?

Also, this weekend, B’s brother left for New York! He was offered a job there and he moved away. It all happened so fast and it was so exciting and we had a little going away dinner with him this weekend.

So tonight it’s back to the gym for me. I have dilligently been tracking my food via the app that I found and am seeing some results. I know it takes time and the fact that small results are showing up is helpful in the motivation category. I also just feel better, so that’s good!


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