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Wrapped up Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas we had! The entire month of December was filled with merry times and great memories with friends and family. I must say the month kicked off with quite a great way to get in the Holiday Spirit by making Stockings over at Shea’s house! It was such a wonderful night, and with her reminding me to be patient the entire time, the stockings came out so good. You should check out her stocking post if you want a step by step tutorial. Seriously, make your own next year. I have such special memories making them and love that they came out so professional, and knowing that I have them for years to come is amazing!

We got our first tree, which was beautiful all month and I enjoyed sitting by it sipping tea every morning.

A friend and I went to the Grove where it ‘snows’ every evening in December, and it was everything I wanted! It was so much fun and I finished up my Christmas shopping.

A few friends and I also went on a lovely Christmas light walk in the canals down in Long Beach. Wow. Amazingly beautiful houses with awesome decorations.

George got his Christmas gift early! He loves it and now I don’t feel terrible about leaving him outside all day with no shelter.

We had committed to both having Christmas Eve with B’s family (12 people) and Christmas Day with my family (9 people) so we had a lot to prepare! I did all the cleaning and setting up and B did ALL the cooking. I am not much of help when he’s on a cooking mission and since he cooks for 16 guys at  his station, I knew he could handle it and I tried to stay out of the kitchen to not annoy him. Both evenings turned out wonderful and we truly enjoyed having everyone at our house, though prep was pretty stressful! We are so grateful to have such amazing families who were open to creating new memories in our new home.

We left for the mountains the day after Christmas with some friends and it was a great time of relaxation and hanging out, and now I need to detox all this holiday cheer! We got back and have been cleaning and trying to get back into the normal routine. B went back to work today and we took down our Christmas tree. :( but I did get this lovely idea off Pintrest and made B run out to the curb before they took it away to saw off a little piece that I can now remember always!

We both got ROAD BIKES for Christmas! I still can’t believe it and can’t wait to start using it! It’s beautiful black and red and I will post lots more pictures of it, right now it’s still over at B’s parents house because we haven’t been home much but I am looking forward to riding around town on it soon. I also got two new pair of Toms and a Michael Kors watch that I was eying as well. Such a fun and exciting time opening gifts!

What a fun first Christmas we shared together. Here’s to many more together!



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