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The Haircut!

Hooray! Saturday was the big chopping day for my hair! I must admit, the night before and leading up to it, I was pretty nervous because the previous times I cut my hair I wasn’t totally sold on it being short. I looked like a little girl and didn’t really like the a-line bob cut I had. I told my amazing stylist to not give me an a-line bob and she promised she wouldn’t.

I also made sure that she took lots of picture s throughout the whole process! Once she did the first snip of the ponytails I knew there was no turning back! I instantly felt way lighter… Here’s the first picture right after the cut.


Yup! I was really nervous still, because these were sitting in front of me.


All my hair! I felt so light and fresh and my hair was so clean! Then it was time to wash and style. I was really nervous about styling part, I didn’t know how it would come out. Kelly knew what she was doing though.

I was SO happy with how it turned out! It’s so cute and fun and sassy!

The highlights that I already had that were way more obvious in the short hair, which I liked.

The ponytails are heading on their way to locks of love!

after the haircut, Shea and I were off to do some last minute shopping for christmas, and for once, Shea has longer hair than I do! :)

So the next morning I went for a 6 mile run and wore my hair up in it’s little baby ponytail and washed it after. Which was pretty scary because I had no idea if I could do the hair the same way Kelly did it. With a much shorter blow drying time, and a little work with the straighter, my hair was done and I was ready to go much quicker than normal. The short hair cut down my getting ready time by 30 minutes! I must admit, I think it came out exactly how I envisioned, just like Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids! I’m so glad it all goes up in a ponytail… granted it’s a baby ponytail, but that’s all I asked for. So glad I donated!

Hooray for Locks of Love! I’m so glad I did it again and can’t believe I have short hair again. B finally came back home from working a few extra days yesterday morning and he LOVES it! He’s never seen me with short hair and he thinks it looks great, which was another thing that I was pretty worried about, that he wouldn’t like it! But, it came out great and I’m so happy! If you wanted to make a donation to Locks of Love, I will leave up the donate button until the end of the month!

Big Thanks to all those who helped me reach my goal already and thanks to Kelly who made my hair look awesome!




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