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So I finally got my new shoes yesterday, and I took them out for a spin last night.


It was a run where I felt like I was actually going fast. I felt good. Nothing hurt and I felt like I could just keep running, and running, and running. It was a great feeling. I haven’t had that feeling in a while.

I was struggling a lot with running, feeling motivated to run because I knew when I would run, I would feel sore, and hurt and defeated. Not last night. My new shoes gave me springs!

It has been unusually chilly here, and I bundled up after work, excited to try out my new shoes. I am saving the gold ones for March, where they will be going 26.2… twice. I will break them in right before we travel out to Arkansas.

But last night, it was one of those times when things clicked and my feet just kept going. When I got home I didn’t feel sore or hurt. I knew the new shoes would do the trick and now my motivation is back! I’m excited to start training again and actually after this LAST event weekend, I’m excited to get back on track and start getting down to business with the long runs.

Work has been crazy busy lately, working the last three weekends has me very tired, but new shoes and some new songs to motivate me have helped getting me out there and getting my run done each day.

I have a giveaway and review that I will post this week and a post of a ton of delicious recipes that I need to post too!

Also, thanks to all those who have been so generous with donations and now that I’ve announced I’m cutting my hair I cannot WAIT! :)


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