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Event Season

I cannot believe it’s Monday, December 12. That day means that I made it through our craziest time at work for the 2nd year. I cannot believe I’m going on my 3rd year at Run Racing here in February. It’s crazy to think about how insane the last few months of our ‘year’ are and how busy they are, but as I look back at all we accomplish every busy season and how many goals I help achieve, it makes my eyes well up just a little. All those crazy emails, those mean comments, rude and weird people I have to deal with, go out the window when one little girl crosses the finish line yesterday and screams this is how we do it, so excited and overcome with joy that she completed her first race. It all goes away when I see people have so much emotion that it brings them to their knees as they cross the finish line at Long Beach and kiss the ground in 7 hours.

There’s that little glimmer that makes all the race nightmares, the 72 hours of working straight, the skunk who resides in our warehouse (??), the manual labor and the many moments that I think things just can’t get any worse, disappear in an instant. It’s weird, but it’s a great feeling.

I can’t run much during event season just because we are working so many weekends, nights and weird hours. But this morning, I got up early as the rain was just beginning to fall and I went and ran 3 miles. It was a great feeling to actually have all our events this year behind me and know I can now train to participate in an event myself. I’m so excited to get in some awesome runs over our Christmas Break, and start training hard for 2012.

I am so thankful for my co-workers who make me laugh even when I want to strangle someone. To those who go out of their way to say hello to me at a race, who smile and those strangers who post on our facebooks and give me so much work to do, but after the event, the kind comments make up for it all.

It’s almost like running a marathon. The training, all that leads up to it, all the crap you drag your body through to get the finish line, is so worth it once you get there, and get that medal placed on your neck… and things calm down, and you get a little stir crazy and think, hey I can totally do that again… So until 2012… Event Season, thank you for a crazy ride.



and yes, now that the craziness is finally over I can post my giveaway post tomorrow!

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