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Donation December Update

I am more than halfway to my goal of $500 for Locks of Love and I made the appointment to cut my hair! I am so excited. I was going to wait until the very end of the month, but after talking about doing it, I’m ready to do it and make the cut.

I would truly appreciate if you could make a small donation towards my goal. It truly means so much to me.

On the running front, I’ve started really training. That means I’ve brought back CLAUDE, the Garmin! I haven’t run with a Garmin since June. I usually would just map out a run on map my run and not care about my pace, but now that I’m looking to start going much longer distances, I know it’s time to start being much more on target with my mileage. With Claude I run much faster and check where I’m at much more often. I know this weekend my 8 miler will go much smoother with him and I can track where I am at during the run much easier as well.

Yesterday I went for a 4 miler and all my miles were under 9 minute pace, which hasn’t happened in a long time. Like REALLY long time. It hurt to run that fast, but at the same time, it hurt SO good. Tonight I have a 5 miler planned and it will be much slower than the earlier run this week, but I’m feeling much better in my new shoes and some new jams on my headphones.

And Christmas shopping… I’m almost done! I just need to get a few more gifts, which I plan on doing next Wednesday at the Grove with a friend. I cannot wait until Christmas! The cold weather and almost being on Christmas vacation aka lots of time to work out, is so exciting!

There is one more day to enter the Giveaway for the Sony W! Make sure you check it out, and all the song recommendations are awesome!


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