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We finally won a game

Last night we had another softball game. This team was the most legit team we’ve played thus far simply based on their outfits. They had the nicest jerseys with their nicknames and actual NUMBERS on the back. Honestly, when I see stuff like this, I think to myself, someone has to work for a t-shirt making company or something. C’mon. Maybe that’s my jealousy speaking, who knows.

Alas, we played well and WON! We won a game! Well this was the 2nd game that we won, but still, we were on a losing streak there for a while and now we are making a comeback. Though I was pretty nervous about softball when I started, it’s actually really fun and I’m glad I jumped a little out of my comfort zone to try it out!

Running wise, I totally overslept this morning and am going to hit up the gym tonight after work. I am nervously anticipating my long run this weekend. I do have a fun dinner planned that night to motivate me to get it done though. Nothing like dangling a carrot in front of a horse right? I’m going for the same idea.

As for George,which I have gotten a few questions about how he is doing… He is doing great! He is adjusting well and still I am wondering when he will become a puppy and do all the horrible things they do. Knock on wood, he hasn’t chewed on anything in the house, hasn’t had any accidents, sleeps in his crate every night, and isn’t TOO hyper. I do need to walk him a bit more, but he does have a huge backyard to run around in all day long. He now weighs 13 pounds, and to B’s dismay, hasn’t grown in quite some time. So it looks like he is staying this size! He is SUCH a baby though, he loves being held, which I like :) and loves to snuggle and be under blankets and close to us at all times. Him and B together, GAH. Such little goons together I swear. I always come home to them like snuggling in places where I don’t let George go! We are going to get George a doghouse for Christmas. I hope he is excited for it. HAHA! But overall, super glad he is in our little family and a great addition.

Here’s a text from B the other day. Yes, his name in my phone is Baby B and yes there is a bird after his name.

And yes, they both snuggle together all the time… So much for him not wanting a dog.

He sends his love! :)

So tonight I have the gym and tomorrow a 3 miler and then the daunting 8 miler maybe a 10 miler if I’m lucky on Saturday!

I also have a few reviews coming up… And you know maybe a Holiday giveaway coming up too!


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