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Training Plans

I guess I’ve gotten the itch again. UGH. It must be that time of year, when it needs a scratch. I will look back on this post and hate myself I’m sure, but alas, here’s the training plan for the ARKANSAS MARATHON ON MARCH 4!

I’m pretty excited about it and am looking forward to going out of state for my first out of state marathon. I’ve created this training plan based loosely on my work schedule and what is feasible for me. I can’t run that much, bottom line. I get burnt out, give up and hate my life. I like running but long distances are really draining, difficult and hard for me. I feel like this is a good mix to give me lots of much needed rest. All the days are flexible as well, especially the Saturday/Sunday days. If I cannot run on a Saturday, I will switch my long run to Sunday and it will be what it is. I don’t mind running after a long run the next day, it does help loosen up the muscles.

I also am considering running LA again.. I mean I will be fairly trained and it’s much easier to knock out two than to only do one and then take time off and train again… Maybe that’s just me, but I want to be at 10 marathons by the end of the year next year and right now I’m at 8, so two more next year. (click on the spreadsheet if you want to see it bigger)

I do have just a bit of speed work in there and I’m actually looking forward to the whole training round. I’m hoping the excitement and glitter don’t wear off too quickly but I have a ways to go to ramp up my mileage.  I think this will work best for ME that that’s what matters. :) Two 20 milers and a lot of gym and rest time should make me one happy tiger come March 4.

Just please don’t let this happen again.

and let’s have more of this during this training session!


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