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Training Plan revisions

So when I made my training plan I might have been giddy with excitement or simply stupid, but after getting up and trying to run and working on getting my mileage back up, it’s been difficult to stay committed, and yes, I’m what.. two weeks in? I forgot that I have family, friends, a job, and a life that I need to attend to and many people to make happy, including myself. I knew I was being a little over ambitious when I started, but now coming to reality I’ve tweaked my plan just a bit to make night running and weekday running a bit easier for me. Honestly, for me, as long as I get my long runs done, I’m golden.

I also may have conveniently forgot how hectic these last two months are here at work, and with our schedule and events, how tired I am and how many random days/nights/weekends we have to work. There is light at the end of the tunnel though as Turkey Trot is practically here¬† and I know soon we’ll be done with the Holiday Half and then I’ll really be able to start training. So my weekly mileage isn’t HUGE for my plan, like it used to be, but I think that I will still be fine with this and will also be much more comfortable getting the shorter miles done during the week.

I did go for a good run in the dark the other day, and no matter what people say, what you bring with you to help, it’s always scary and a tad unsafe. So I need to make sure that I can get up in the mornings and get my running done. I’m sure if I feel good and want to tack on a few extra miles every now and then I can do that too. I think the most important is that my weekly mileage adds up at the end of the week, so as long as I’m on track there, it doesn’t really matter what days I’m running.

We shall see how the tweaks go.

I still have my two twenty milers in there and I tweaked it a little more for our work schedule as well.

Here’s to making it work for me and getting through Turkey Trot this week!


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