The Holiday Wreath

So I originally saw this post on You Stir Me with the instructions for the project HERE and thought it would be a great idea for name place holders for everyone at our house for Christmas Dinner. I thought it would look great, add a little something to the table at each place AND also be a great little take home present that everyone could put on their tree.

When I went looking for supplies, I got green and red yarn, a few small Christmasy things to glue onto the wreath and instead of getting the foam wreaths (WHICH WERE HUGE and 3.99 each) or the wooden wreaths (5.99 EACH?!?! Too many bones for me, especially to COVER with yarn…) I found these little embroidery (??) hoops which were $1.59 for a pack of ten. I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t look as good or be as sturdy but I thought that I would give them a shot. I cut out the middles to give them the circular look.

Then I cut a long string of yarn and hot glued one side to the circle. I then strung the yarn around and around. I usually would cut the yarn just long enough to cover half. I found out the red yarn was nice and thick and covered the little plastic hoop much easier where the green took a lot more to cover it and make it even and look nice. Alas, I was going to make ten and made five of each color. It was easy to do while watching TV or just hanging out in the evening. I think I could make one completed from beginning to end in 15-20 minutes. The worst part is getting the yarn all over you while you are stringing it through the wreath and when you first cut the long string it takes SO long to hoop it through, all in all though, not bad. Once I got half way around, the string would usually be out of length and I would re-glue another piece down and keep winding the new long string around. I would then cover the whole hoop and hot glue the end of the string down.

You just keep wrapping the string around and around and around. I made sure to over lap some areas so it wasn’t so thin and the plastic wouldn’t show through. After the whole hoopie is wrapped, it was the ‘decorating’ part of the project, which was picking out what I wanted on each wreath. I tried to make them all different and think that they came out cute. For me, crafting is hard when it takes a lot of time. I get very impatient and then start getting sloppy on whatever I’m making, but this was really easy and nice to spread out over a few days.

It was easy, I just hot glued some berries down, with some leaves. I had a few little things to choose from and it was simple, no way to really mess it up. They came out a LOT better than I expected and am very happy with them. The whole project cost about $20 for everything, with the yarn being the most expensive at $6 each. I think I am going to get one more set of hoops and make some more just to have on hand just in case. I got all the supplies at Joannes and got the “Christmasy” stuff for 1/2 off at the beginning of the Holiday season. I got a few little berries, a little ‘sprig’ of leaves, so I could cut them apart and then a little five pack of candy canes. It was REALLY easy to make and I love the way they came out! I just have to glue the name tags and the ribbon that each guest can hang them from on there and they will be good to go on each plate! The finished product! (One already went to a home this weekend :)!)


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12 Responses to The Holiday Wreath

  1. Kelly says:

    They turned out great! You are right I think I could even manage this project.

  2. Nina says:

    I love when we craft together…even coasts apart! Such a darling project lovie!! xxox

  3. These are adorable! I love how simple holiday crafts can be. Nice work, Danica.

  4. Crystal W. says:

    OMG! Love that you are mixing some Holiday Craft on here. So Cute! :o)

  5. these turned out so cute! Love your idea with the hoops!

  6. Leigh says:

    These look awesome! I loved them when you posted the picture on Twitter. Now you have me craving to do a craft!

  7. Linzay says:

    Those are the cutest little wreaths ever!

  8. Kathy says:

    Those are adorable. I will definitely keep that mind.

  9. I love these!!!! They look so cute. I think you should sell them on your site! hint….hint…

  10. Bonnie says:

    VERY cute and CREATIVE!

  11. Alissa says:

    Love it! How cute and simple to make. You could even use them last as ornaments on the tree I bet you!

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