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There are so many things to be thankful for and I’m reminded of these things daily. But today, especially I wanted to say THANK YOU to all those special people in my life. From the text messages that make me smile, to the calls that remind me that people love me unconditionally, to those who check in on me event weekend and make sure I’m still alive, I’m so thankful. To all those who were with me this year when I got married, who made me feel special and that special guy who made the bride come out, David Tutera, overly thankful for that whole experience. For the person who nominated me for the show… Thanks to my sister. Overly thankful is all I can say when I try to explain how I feel.

I cannot say thank you enough to my friends. They are the best. Making me laugh so hard I cry, making me smile when I’m down, encouraging me through many races, and different aspects of my life.I truly value our friendships, our experiences we share and the role you’ve played in my life.

I cannot believe how much I still love running after this long. I might not always be motivated to get out the door, but it’s so much better with friends. Misery loves company ;) Running keeps me sane and I have absolutely NO excuse not to! I’m so thankful for those who leave me comments on this blog, who encourage me through training and those who tell me not to give up and sign up for more races with me to feed the crazy.

I love my family, more than anything. They were there on a very special day for me this year, and I’m so thankful for them all. They are all so kind and know me SO well. :)  They continue to support both B and I and it’s great to be loved by so many. This year I’m thankful I got to join a NEW family too!

I love my job. Though right now I’m most likely being yelled at during our event, it’s a great place to work, minus the people who email me about how far a marathon is…

I am so thankful for this little rascal who makes me smile every night when I come home to his little excited self. You are a good little running partner and make me much less scared while running in the dark. Thank you for puppy kisses and allowing me to dress you in silly clothes and take many pictures of you.

I love, love, love and am overly thankful for my HUSBAND. So weird to say that we are married still, but as you saw from yesterday, it’s been quite a year for us!

There are so many things to be thankful for. There are so many things I’m beyond blessed with and just thinking about it, when I really take the time to look around me and take a break I sigh with gratitude. How did I get so blessed. Thankful is not even enough to describe it.

And I must say… Thank you for continuing to read my blog! Over the past few years I’ve made great friends through my blog and wow, what changes I’ve gone through and documented on here.

Being thankful is easy when you think of all you have. Take a moment and be thankful today.



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