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So this weekend, I kicked off my weekend with a long run on Friday morning, before leaving for the snow. Lately I have been listening to different music on my run and what got me through this 6 miler was classical and some Beiber. What the random combo, but it worked out well. I finally am starting to get that feeling that I’m not going to die out while running, which was plaguing my runs for quite some time. Literally, I felt like every step I took I was going to just fall over, but now I’m finally starting to feel that ‘fitness’ come back and not struggle as much. I know starting from basically scratch again makes things difficult but nothing compares to that feeling where you start to ‘get it’ and running makes sense again. Hooray for not feeling terrible.

Friday we left and went to the snow! It was so much fun to hang out with some friends of B’s from work and just enjoy time away.

It wasn’t TOO cold, that is why B is in short sleeves, and he also has the super power of never being cold…

We were a little worried about George liking the snow and being cold, but he loved the snow and was a champ! Him and his friend Mogaly played all weekend long, and snuggled up.

George was out the whole way home! So tired from the snow! :)

When we finally got back¬† yesterday, it was just about afternoon so I decided to run to the gym and work out and run home and it was great to go running. I had the good feeling of not dying and not stopping at all and am glad that I finally am getting that groove back. I was starting to think that I wouldn’t ever be able to run over 2 miles ever again. I did seem to do too many squats though and now my legs are killing me.

As the Holidays are quickly approaching, I’m going to work really hard to eat healthy for the last few days leading up to Thanksgiving and for those days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know once I’m off work for Christmas Break, I will eat healthy because at home I realize I don’t eat as much for some reason, but when I’m at work I feel like I’m starving all day long. Strange but true.

I’m looking forward to my 8 miler this weekend and finally feeling like the longer mileage is agreeing with me!


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