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Running Divas how I HEART you!

So I’ve been meaning to post this forever and it just kept slipping my mind. BAD, since this is by far one of my favorite companies around… but I must share just a special gem with you. Check out this most radical shirt… EVER

Don’t mind the post it note on the back of my phone. Yes, I do that all the time

The front of the shirt says, Running toward the chapel…

The back says…

And I must shout it from the rooftops, I would LIVE in this shirt. The products they have are SO cute, quite possibly the most comfortable stuff you’ll ever put on and super unique, which I love. They made this shirt for me to wear while I was getting ready and all leading up to my wedding day, and I still wear it ALL the time.

There are about 200 things I want from their online store as well. These capris look like I would NEVER want to be without them, and their shirts, I already know are super comfortable. What great apparel and I LOVE all the cute, fun custom sayings on the shirts and pants. They make them so different and they have great sayings and phrases on all their stuff. I seriously want to wear this stuff all day every day.

So the gray shirt I got is an American Apparel brand that I love and I know I’ve paid more for that shirt plain from the American Apparel store than the shirt with the cute sayings on it. So these are totally going on my Christmas list, perhaps you should check out their lovely site and find out what you’d want to add to your list.


Running Divas did send me the shirt for my wedding, but I did this review on it on my own and because I LOVE their stuff. Completely obsessed. Thank you guys SO much for the shirt, it still is my favorite shirt, ever and I hope to see you at an Expo SOON! :)


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