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Morning Run

This morning I wanted to avenge my terrible run yesterday. The run where I felt like this.

I wanted to do just a sh0rt run as I’m still waiting for B to get down my winter running wear from the garage that we put up in storage… and it’s been BRRRRRRR cold in the morning. So I slowly got out of bed and wanted to snuggle right back in, but I was excited to listen to my new playlist that I loaded up last night for motivation.

I splashed cold water on my face, put on my shirt and finally took off. When I started, I wanted to just stop. It was so cold. I know, I know CA winters are nothing comparatively, but lately it’s been like mid to high 40s in the morning and that is chilly for me. It took me just a bit to warm up my legs and once I started I felt much better than yesterday. I started feeling better throughout the whole run and felt pretty proud of myself for once while running.

Sometimes it’s hard because I get down on myself for how slow I’m running or that I’m not feeling good or something, but this morning I just kept telling myself, I got out there, I’m getting it done and that is all that matters. It was one of the runs that got me going this morning and starts my day off feeling great. Yea, I didn’t run any faster or farther than I did yesterday, but I did listen to great music, watch the sun rise and got my mileage done. Here’s to not being so hard on myself and being happy with the mileage that is happening.

Winter training is tough, but keeping my eye on the finish line is what is going to motivate me through!



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