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Winners and Spooooky Stuff!

So this weekend I had a grand time with all the Halloween festivus.

The two winners for the Rocco Di Spirito Cook book areeeeeee

Sarah and Living in So-Called Paradise! Congrats girls! If you could email me at, I will make sure the books are on their way to you. I also loved all the tips and tricks that you guys do to cut the cals and keep healthy.

Friday was working the Rock and Roll Expo and finally got to meet up with a friend who I have talked to on twitter for over two years. Now we are finally real life friends. Also, Leslie, from my office went with me to the VIP party. We do clean up rather well after working all day!

I also worked on this a little at the booth on Friday… Yup a training plan that involved 20+ milers… that means only one thing! I’ll get into that more tomorrow when I finally get the post up about B and I and getting back on the healthy train.

EEEEEE! I’m actually excited, as of now, to start it, speaking of starting it, yesterday and today were my first runs of the training plan. This morning, in true Halloween fashion, it was dark and spooky on my run, but since Daylight Savings is right around the corner, it will soon be much lighter, and safer! George went with me this morning which means a few more sniffy stops and a good old bathroom break. Both running yesterday and today were great. I’m glad that I’m starting off REALLY small and taking my time to bump up my mileage.

What’s a Halloween post without some treats? I made these for B’s station, since he’s working extra today and tomorrow and then for my co-workers. Chocolate dipped pretzels!

Wishing you a very Happy, safe and happy Halloween from the very hungry caterpillar!

HAHA even though he looks terrified and depressed, he actually loves his costume! Back tomorrow with the training plan, goals and all that good stuff.


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