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Adult Softball Leauge

So, a little while back one of B’s friends asked if I wanted to join his softball team for an upcoming ‘season’. Now, let’s get something straight, I consider myself fairly athletic. I’ve always played sports my whole life. I played softball pretty much year round for 8 years, and was pretty decent. After a horrible experience in 8th grade with a coach who told me I wasn’t good enough to pitch anymore (um, hello, Jennie Finch was my pitching coach growing up)  I decided that I wanted to play soccer. So I randomly started playing soccer, and I wasn’t good at it since I didn’t play much before, but I was good at running since I was on the cross country team and track team, and it was a great way to stay in shape over the winter months.

Anyways, when B’s friend asked if I wanted to join the team I was pretty hesitant, but I knew ‘being married’, I’d have more down time since B works 24 hour shifts and sometimes up to 5 days. So I thought maybe it would be fun and give me something to do. Get out there, run a few bases, hang out, sounded like fun. I mean, this idea isn’t new, and I’ve seen other people be a part of adult softball leagues but I’ve heard horror stories. I asked a few questions, and finally decided to join. I knew most of the other people on the team because they are all B’s friends, but still the first day was MAJORLY intimidating. I was REALLY nervous all day for our first game, which happened to be last Wednesday.

Since I have super small feet, I lucked out and got super inexpensive cleats for children at Target. I would have been bummed to spend buco dinero on cleats. I got a new glove too. I got softball socks because what fun is softball without high socks. I was about to get ready and then realized I had no idea what to wear… Do I wear running clothes? I asked, and he said ‘athletic apparel’, so I put on some running shorts and a t-shirt. Off I went to the field. Still very nervous.

I show up and walk to our field. The other team is warming up.

IN SLIDERS. They look like they are professional.

What is going on here. Everyone on the other team is wearing matching gear, sliding pads, and they are warming up pretty hardcore looking. They all have team shirts. So I walk over to our team and ask if this is a joke. Are we seriously playing them? Yes, they have a batting coach, pinch runners? What is this, the Softball Olympics? Come on people, I was pretty much going into this like it was a joke and then these people have to ruin it. I thought this would more resemble sloshball, not actually softball, but I guess not.

So. Needless to say, we look like a bunch of ragamuffins, mis-matched, we have a blast, and I actually am not terrible and got a hit every time up to bat! It was really, really fun and I’m glad I ended up joining. The best part of the story, we are SO excited that we tied the team we played! They were SO ANGRY! It was awesome.

So here’s to many more fun softball games, and not taking it too seriously.


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