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Tunnel to Towers 5K

This weekend we put on a small 5K out at the Fairplex in Pomona. With a heat wave happening the week leading up to the race, we were quite nervous about what the weather would be like on race morning for our 5K. It was a special event that was taking place all over the country to honor those who lives were lost in 9/11. It was the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5K race that originated in New York, but this year in honor of the 10 year anniversary they were having a lot of satellite races throughout the US. It was a really great event to be a part of.

The night before we got to visit the fair while we were setting up a few things. We even went to see the concert that night, One Republic. They were really good, but like usual, the wake up call was far too early and we left the concert early to get some sleep.

Here are just a few pictures from the fair the night before.

Race morning came quite early, but it was a shorter day since it was only a 5K I knew that it wouldn’t be too long and of course I was very excited for all the event since it was the first time that we were doing this event. It was definitely an emotional morning and there were so many people out to run the race and show their support and honor the memory of those lost.

The start line was kicked off with bag pipes, a moment of silence and the national anthem. It was incredible. There was also a group of fire recruits that came out and were running as a group. I love those groups. They carried a large flag and were in cadence the entire time. I can’t imagine doing all that yelling while I’m running.

The weather turned out perfectly and it was a great day, overall. Everyone was in such good spirits and it was really meaningful to see everyone come together for such a moving event.

Here’s the finish line

The event was over around 11 and we just have minimal clean up and stuff to take care of to complete the day. Overall a really good event with a lot of moving tributes and moments. There were a lot of people out with special shirts to let everyone know that their loved one was fighting for our freedom. You can check out this blog for a few more pictures!

Thank you to everyone that came out and now it’s onward ho to Long Beach.

This morning I got my workout done early with a spin class and realized that I need new running shoes, and that might help alleviate the little shin pain I have when running. :) Should have thought of that sooner!


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