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The Treat

After I posted pictures of my delicious treat that I made this last weekend I got lots of questions about what it was and how to make it so I wanted to share the deliciousness with everyone. I found the recipe in the magazine “Taste of Home”. I get a subscription to that magazine and LOVE IT becuase it has a bunch of really great ideas and my favorite part, all reciepes have a picture with them! I’m a very visual person, tons of lists and pictures always help me, and without a picture I don’t really see how the food should come out. So this magazine has been super helpful and I have tons of things bookmarked to make for B and I!

Since we don’t have a working oven at our current location, it’s very hard to bake anything or make things. I was feeling pretty domestic this weekend and miss baking every now and then and wanted to make a little treat. I found something to make that was VERY easy and looked delicious.

It doesn’t have a name though…. So here’s the recipe.

30 large marshmallows

3 tbsp. of butter (I used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter)

1 tbsp. of peanut butter (I may have used like 3 tbsp. but that is neither here nor there)

6 cups of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch

1 1/2 cups M&Ms

In a big pan you melt the mallows, butter and peanut butter. It takes about 15 minutes. It’s really easy and I just put the fire on low and it doesn’t burn and melts up real nice. :) This is the beginning picture! Lots of mallows. side note: I already had EXTRA LARGE mallows from making smores a while back, so I used those instead of just the large ones.

Melty Goodness

Then you just pour in the Cap’n Crunch and the M&Ms. I made sure to take the pan off the heat and then just mix it all together. It turns into a little bit of a webby mess but it’s delicious.

Once it’s all mixed together, you just dump it into a pan. I chose a 9×13. Make sure you spray some Pam on that pan before you put it in, or it’s way to hard to cut out squares. Lesson learned. Then just pat it down, at this point it’s not hot anymore. Let it cool and it will harden and be ready to serve in a couple hours. It’s not so webby when you serve it either. It looks much better. I made mine the night before I wanted to serve it and it was fine the next morning. I didn’t put it in the fridge or anything. It literally took 20 minutes to make and it was delicious. Everyone liked it and there were about 18 squares in the pan. I realized you can put in pretzels and other fun stuff when you pour in M&Ms too. Still no name, so I’m just calling it Peanut Butter Treat!

I wouldn’t consider this healthy, but since it has Cap’n Crunch in it, eating it for breakfast is okay? :)


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