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Thanks for the smile

It was  pretty weird and dreary morning on Saturday morning and I was determined to get in my run still. I woke up to thunder and lightning, which is VERY rare for where we live. Then as soon as I got ready for my run it started POURING RAIN. It was the strangest thing. We never get weird weather like that. Thankfully I hadn’t left five minutes earlier, or I would have had a LA Marathon experience out there. I waited out the rain since I had nothing else to do besides drive to Pomona for our event the next morning and just hung out for a bit until the rain stopped. When it stopped everything was so fresh and clean and there were huge puddles everywhere since it rained so much so quickly. Like I said, such weird weather. When I went out to run though, I felt good. I haven’t had that feeling while running for quite some time so it made me excited. I knew I wanted to get in 4 miles and off I went, dodging puddles and enjoying the clean air and fresh smells that were hitting my nose.

I made my way to the usual park path that I run and there were a few people out, a few soccer games going on, and of course big drops of water would fall from the trees every now and then. While I was out, and usually when I run, I always smile, say good morning to those around walking or running or give a wave. As soon as I entered the path at the park, I see  a lady in an orange jacket and give her a friendly smile and she gives me a huge thumbs up and smile and runs by the opposite way.


I love the camaraderie that runners share. It’s that, “way to get out there,” attitude that brings us together. The rest of the run I was super happy and made sure to pay it forward the entire time with good mornings and smiles and waves to everyone. It’s such a great feeling to have that ‘we’re all doing this together’ mentality, even though we are not technically running together.

The run was excellent, the sky was just turning a shade of blue by the end and though my shins hurt a little bit, I still felt like I was finally breaking through the wall that I have been dealing with when I run. I was feeling good and felt like I finally was not stuck in quicksand.

Then, on the way back I saw the same lady in the orange jacket. She had this huge smile on her face and as I passed her she said, “Way to go sister! Keep it up!”

That made my entire day. It’s that encouragement, friendliness, and happiness that runners share that makes me love running. That made me fall in love with running over 10 years ago at this time when I started running in high school. Whenever it’s the fall it means it’s cross country season, and when I drive home from work and see all the kids running through the park, it makes me so happy because I know they are a part of something that will change their life.


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