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So we have a house

So we now have a house! It’s pretty exciting and very overwhelming that this is ‘ours’ now.

Since we’ve gotten married, we have NOT lived together, so the fact that that is on the horizon is exciting! We have to get it tented, and then it’s getting repainted on the inside, and we should hopefully be moving in perhaps the weekend after Long Beach? Who knows! I’m just going along with everything.

Also, I got this picture the other day and it made it REALLY real that we were going to be on TV soon!

They are editing our episode! So crazy and I’m pretty much terrified to see myself on TV. I still have no idea when it will be on but I know the new season starts in November, which will be here before I know it!

This morning I went to spin and I’m glad I did because my right knee is feeling a bit tight :( It was a great work out though and I’m getting addicted to spin. As much as it stinks to get up SO early, I feel so much better through the day and it’s a great feeling to have my workout done! I am planning on getting a run in tomorrow morning before heading out to work a 5K at the LA Fairplex. I also am going to ride the 2nd lead bike on race morning so that will be a little extra workout. It will be a moving event I’m sure. I am so thankful to live in the country we do and so blessed to have the freedom of speech and the protection we have¬† here. I hope you all take a second to remember this weekend and thank those who serve our country and community.


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