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Meet George

So my friend who found the puppy at a construction site… well she was hoping she could keep it… and finally heard back from her landlord, and she couldn’t, so now, he has a new home.

A new home to him that’s still a new home to us. So now I’m going to be that person. The person with the puppy and dog pictures. Yup. That’s gunna happen. It’s pretty nice though because he’s really well behaved thus far. Since B was the one who agreed to take him, he also got to name him and picked George. Why, I don’t know, but hey, it works. We are teaching him slowly how to run, and he already knows how to sit and walk really well on a leash. He’s only 9 weeks old, and basically no one knows what he really is. They think he’ll get between 15 and 20 pounds. He will be going to puppy school soon.

So I have a new running partner and a friend when B is at work, which can be sometimes 3 days without him being home. George is quite fierce, so watch out! So now onto super cute puppy pictures.

Unpacking is so much more fun with someone to do it with! B left this morning for New Orleans for a few days for a friends wedding but with work in full swing, aka race day is continuing to count down, things were too hectic for me to leave. Tomorrow morning I’m going for a four miler and then I have a 7 miler on Saturday or Sunday!


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