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Labor Day Weekend Recap

This Labor Day Weekend was full of fun! It seemed like a great weekend, until it was BLAZING hot yesterday.Friday morning I went to spin class and it was a great class. I really love the instructor there and am really going to be tempted to get a monthly pass (HELLO EXPENSIVE) once my groupon classes are up. Friday I worked until around 3 and then went home and took a little nap and hung out around the house and then went over to my cousins for dinner! It was fun to hang out with them and see their cat, patchy! Remember when I found him on a run? Hello monster cat! He is fun though and it was cool to see both my cousins :)

Saturday morning I had to work an expo and I traveled down there at 7 am :( No working out for me but lots of work and fun at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo! I got to see a ton of people that I usually see at Expos and of course answer questions and sign people up for our races. :)

Those guys are for our Holiday Half race. You seriously can’t imagine how many people flip over the medals and want to steal the penguins. Since Tara was down for the race I was able to sneak away and have lunch with her and Maritza. The last time I saw these girls was at my wedding and even though we only got to hang out for an hour, and the service was not so great at the ESPN zone, it was still GREAT to see them and catch up!

That night I left the expo around 5:45 and headed to San Clemente where Shea was camping with her family friends. We stayed down there until Sunday evening and it was beautiful. So nice to relax and just chill and eat giant marshmallows, that I now am regretting. Don’t worry, the mallows have s’more instructions on the back of them.

When we came home on Sunday night the sky was lit up so weird! I had to take a picture. It was so strange and then it started raining! I felt like we lived in what I thought would be Midwest weather.

Then I had a brilliant idea of running a 5K that my high school puts on. It’s SUPER small but I was going to run about that much on Labor Day anyways, so I figured for 10 bucks and a shirt why not. I totally forgot how boring our “home” cross country course was and with it being SO humid, I thought I was going to DIE. It was nice to run it again though and just run a fun race. Wow, today I am sore though. I think I finished in about 25:00. It was hard to run on grass mostly and I totally remembered running the course over and over and over in high school, and how it has no shade! Around mile 2 you run on the river bed and it’s next to a horse stable, GAH talk about overwhelming smells. It wasn’t timed, but it was fun and a good way to kick of Labor Day!

It was also fun because I hadn’t seen B since Friday afternoon, since he was up in Monrovia visiting friends while I was working the Expo and he had to work on Sunday and he showed up to surprise me at the race. He wanted to run but didn’t have his shoes at the station so he just watched. We got to hang out most of the day Monday even though he was a bit tired. Whenever he comes home from work he is starving so after the race we went to Dennys. I just got two little pancakes, but I had to take a picture of the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on a menu….

GROSS! After Dennys we just hung out around the house and played some beer pong and had burgers. We actually went out to dinner last night though and it was delicious! We went to downtown Long Beach with his family and it was SUCH a nice night out and now I am regretting ALL the bad food I ate all weekend. I don’t think I could handle any more sour patch kids or red vines.

So this week it’s back to running and spin. I am working on a training schedule for the lovely Santa Barbara half marathon that is quickly approaching. I need to get myself past running 4 miles! We are having a heat wave right now so I’m waiting to run until this evening.B and I are still waiting on closing on the house and found out we have some more repairs to do before moving in. :( But we are hopefully going to live together soon! :)



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