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Finally I had a good run! Hooray for finally getting back into the groove and not thinking that my running life was over. Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends and had a fun time. B got me this awesome penguin beanie.

Then Saturday all day I was out looking for a new refrigerator. The one we originally had picked out (but not bought) was a wee bit too big for our little space so we had to find a new skinner fridge… WHALA!

Two freezer sections on the bottom, LED lighting and an extra large water dispenser in the door. SOLD. B has yet to see it becuase he was at work when I got it, but I hope he’s happy on Wednesday when it’s delivered! :) We are making lots of headway at the house. The workers that are fixing the final issues are going to be done today and then it’s hardcore cleaning time. B is sadly leaving for a wedding on Thursday, so I thought spending the first few nights at the house alone would be sad, so I’m waiting until he returns and we move the rest of the stuff over and Sunday we will get to actually be living there together. Hooray! When he’s gone though I’m going to set up most of the stuff we have already gotten for the house, so that should be fun.

So back to the whole running thing! Claude is still MIA, not bueno, but I did map out a run on, loaded up my headphones with tons of new jams and went out and kicked 6 miler butt on Sunday! I was so glad that I finally had a good run where there were no aches and pains and weird feelings and it was like old times! It made me realize that training for the upcoming Santa Barbra half will not be as daunting as I thought. I don’t know why but I haven’t had this ‘low’ of a mileage base in a long time, so I know building it up slow and steady is the way to go.

This run was perfect though. So many nice people out, my breathing was steady and my pace was easy, I never felt like I needed to walk or like I wanted to stop, I just got those miles done and then before I knew it I was turning back towards home. It was awesome to have that great run happen and now I feel confident moving towards a little bit higher mileage.

So tomorrow morning is spin class and yoga in the afternoon and then Wednesday is another run day, AND my new shoes should be arriving this week!


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