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Wow! Finally back home in California! The trip was amazing, such a whirlwind and I have so much to post about! I decided that I will post one day for each country that we visited, and I have some loose end Q&As to tie up that I thought I would be able to post while I was gone but alas I didn’t have enough time. So I will post the Q&A’s tomorrow, with England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all getting their own post each day! :)

It seriously was so much fun but I am glad to be home and be back in contact with all my friends and family and coming home to the glorious sun! How I love the sun, even more now!

We also have our house closing hopefully by the end of next week! We are getting it painted and then can move in.

So many crazy things and work is getting more busy with event season right around the corner! I’m glad to be back in the swing of things. I really truly missed running and working out while I was gone so that was a great kick in the pants to get back on track. B and I are running a half marathon in November with a few of his friends from work, so I do have that goal to work towards!

I got up early today and was really looking forward to the gym and ran over there, and it was just so beautiful out that I just kept running. I made sure to run very slow, since I haven’t run in almost over a month from being gone and the wedding, but man, it was great. I finished up with 4 miles and stopped at the gym on the way home for just a little 20 minute weight workout. Great way to kick off the morning and start my routine back up! It was just perfect out, and just what I needed to start the week off right, even though it’s Tuesday. Though I haven’t run in a long time, the pace was good and I just kept running and taking everything in, it seemed to help with the sinus pressure I’ve had since the flight yesterday too. What a great, great morning.

It feels good to be home!


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