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This was what I was most looking forward to on the whole trip and we had to wait until the last day! It was so random how you get there, and for some reason I thought it was on a cliff overlooking the ocean or something, but nope, it’s in a huge field in the middle of nowhere. Seriously SO strange but hands down the coolest things I’ve seen! It was seriously huge and amazing, and I still can’t wrap my mind around who did this and why! I don’t know why I find this so intriguing, but I do!

At the entrance where you start to walk all the way around the stones. It was a little self guided audio tour so we listened to what people speculated about the site. The stones are all in pretty good shape still but I can’t believe how long they’ve stood there and WHY are they there! The bigger stones on the outer circle are 40 tons and 1/3 of the stone is actually underground in the holes that they were placed in to hold them up.

Here’s another picture of the best part of the stones that are on top of the other ones. Those are called the lentil stones on the top. The fact that they lifted them on top of the other stones is crazy! How did this happen and why! I want to know!

Here is the whole clan!

I was hungry for some stones! You had to stay pretty far away from the actual stones themselves, but it was still cool to be there and see it and wonder how and why it was all done. Seriously, google it, it will blow your mind. I get into weird stuff like this, like dinosaurs and crop circles. haha weird fascinations I guess and seeing this in real life just fueled the fire for learning more! Which is why I bought a book in the souvenir store about it!

TADA! that huge stones that were the highlight of my trip! It was really cool to be able to do a 360 around the stones and even though it was packed with people (about 4-7,000 people visit it daily) it was a great audio tour but man so many questions! Why! How! It’s so strange, and exciting all at the same time!

After Stonehenge it was back to London for one night before catching our flight home, which was much better than the way over. Maybe it was the two anxiety pills and three glasses of wine, don’t judge me, but we made it back safe and sound! B’s two bottles of Whiskey made it through customs safely and I’m all set for winter with my new boots and peacoat! :) Overall it was a fun and gorgeous trip! I’m so thankful and still can’t believe that I went to all those countries!

Now it’s back on the wagon, since I didn’t do ANY running or working out while over there. :(


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